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  1. Growling in 4wd

    Thank you for the replies I won’t worry about it
  2. Hi guys, I took my 2018 1500 Silverado out on the trails yesterday and used 4 high for the first time (only on dirt snowy trails) when it’s in 4 high and I’m moving it makes kind of a growling noise. Nothing super loud but enough to hear it. I didn’t try it in 4 low so idk if it makes it in that mode, also this is my first 4x4 truck. Thanks
  3. So on my 18’ Silverado I can see there are 2 parts, one looks like a big muffler and the other smaller one after the muffler a resonator. Am I correct?
  4. Just ordered a camburg kit for my 18’ 4x4. It comes with the fox 2.5 non resi coils, camburg upper control arm, and fox 2.0 non resi rear shocks. Supposed to get 0-3” of lift depending on the preload. Is the 4x4 drivetrain ok with being lifted more than 2” without a differential drop kit? Also will the stock 17” wheels work with the camburg uca?

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