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  1. K&N CAI is in stock now: https://www.knfilters.com/cold-air-intakes/cars-and-trucks/63-3109-performance-air-intake-system
  2. Looks like it is all included: Adds big-bass subwoofer in a small space, along with high-efficiency, low power-draw amplifier 200-watt powered Kicker® subwoofer with quickconnect wire harness to easily secure or remove when needing more cargo room Plug and play – no wire cutting or vehicle modifications Cosmetically integrated for original factory look Minimum impact on your vehicle’s charging system Product Description Amp up your vehicle’s sound system with a GMC Accessories Audio Amplifier. It adds big-bass subwoofer power from a high-efficiency, low power-draw amplifier. Package includes a 200-watt powered subwoofer.
  3. Take 2. The jpg I uploaded doesn't seem to work. http://imgur.com/a/u4XBJ4s
  4. Saw this kicker subwoofer kit in the accessories shop: https://my.gmc.com/accessories/product/1GTU9FELXKZ111490/detail/19417164 (Part Number: 19417164) Worth it?
  5. JL Audio sent me this January23rd, said they had completed development of the stealth box for the truck: "We just finished development of a new Stealthbox model designed to fit the 4th Generation GM full-size trucks. It's not available yet, but we hope to begin shipping sometime next month. The enclosure comes loaded with a pair of 12TW3-D8 woofers in a down firing configuration that installs under the rear seat. The pair of woofers are wired for a 2 ohm mono load with a rated power handling of 800 watts RMS. The enclosure also has a recess in the top to mount an amplifier. The new Stealthbox model name and SKU are listed below: SB-GM-SLVCC4/12TW3 (SKU 94668)"
  6. Does anyone know the part number for the 2019 Bose subwoofer enclosure? 2018 part number was 22818981 and I am hoping someone would know if it is the same.
  7. Power Programmer

    Not yet, still trying though. Been through multiple cycles because of what I assume are multiple unsupported components that need updates. I am in a holding pattern until I can connect the i3 to my computer at home.
  8. Power Programmer

    I hooked up my Diablosport intune last night and just received the unlock code a few minutes ago, I will let you know how it goes. Have you tried changing the ride control yet? Might just be me but I feel that sport mode makes a significant difference in the acceleration. This truck would smoke my 2018.
  9. What is the part number of the filter? Edit: You can ignore me, I found the filter is for the 5.3L.
  10. Software Update

    One of the first steps in getting root on Android is to enable developer mode. I don't like the idea that if I don't pay specifically for the GM services then I am unable to use some of the features with the truck, such as turn by turn on the HUD or the limited apps available.
  11. Software Update

    I was able to turn on the Android Developer Mode after the update. Anyone else done that?
  12. OnStar handles nav. Personally I got rid of OnStar package and just have the basic package. If you look in your MyGMC app you see 3 sections for services: 4G LTE, OnStar, and GMC. Choose GMC and you can check out their connected services packages.

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