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  1. I use a JL VXi 1000/5. The comments are correct, the VXi will do what you need it to do if you are using the LoC.
  2. What TCM do the 19s have? Where is it located? thanks.
  3. This looks awesome! If you had to do it again would you go for the high gloss or matte?
  4. Fuse blown? Check the ground? https://www.onallcylinders.com/2019/07/24/how-to-diagnose-electrical-ground-issues/
  5. I had a single P20f (8") in the center console of my 2018 and it was amazing. No doubt in my mind you will be happy with your choices. Are you running all new speaker wire?
  6. I went with the flax in the front as well, something about them seems more warm or natural, to me anyways.
  7. How about this one: https://boostautoparts.com/products/6hi
  8. Yeah, that's exactly how I feel about it too. Do you have any pictures of your setup?
  9. Makes a lot of sense to me, if the Nav-TV functioned as designed. I'm sure they will work out the issue someday, but for now we are kind of stuck. The frustration of the Nav-TV cutting out and having to come up with a way to reset it remotely makes me feel that the fix86 route would be cheaper and less of a headache because it actually works.
  10. Yes it has an optical input and output: https://www.jlaudio.com/products/vx1000-5i-car-audio-vxi-amplifiers-98632 You could also check out a LLJC harness T-Harness (https://lljcustoms.com/store?olsPage=t%2Fgm-vehicles) wired to a Fix 82/86 or another OEM Integration DSP to eliminate the need for the NAV-TV.
  11. Granted my JL VXI might perform these functions differently (Remote, DC Offset, & Signal Sensing), but I have tried all of the different functions together and independently, all have the same result. (https://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/plus/jlaudio/ewsd4a15yh/VX1000_5i_MAN.pdf?u=ndijqi) You might get a kick out of this, but what I did was add a remote on/off switch inline to the amplifier (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WRFYH7L/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_YBQyEbYX9DMTD). When I cycle power everything works like it should, and I can do it going down the road.
  12. Can anyone help me identify this fastener so I can buy a replacement? Will removing my power assist steps I broke the bolt, I just cannot find a replacement, thank you everyone!
  13. Unfortunately the NAV-TV still cuts out randomly over analog/RCA. I changed the connection to the optical/toslink and the NAV-TV has been rock solid. I guess I should have done it earlier.
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