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  1. Thanks for the info, I really like the unique sound. I placed my order. Update: Just finished the install of the exhaust, on the ground, by myself and it wasn't too terrible. I decided to cut the pipe, there is no way it would come out in one piece on the ground. Sounds amazing, and it was a cold start to boot.
  2. Awesome, how do you like it? Any drone at highway speeds? If you had to do it again, would you have made the same purchase?
  3. Have any of you received the AFE exhaust? I am curious as to your feedback/opinion.
  4. Stupid question, but is this a product or a service?
  5. I turned my AC on "lo" (The lowest temperature setting) and the DFM never engaged to shut the truck off. Anyone else try this yet?
  6. K&N CAI is in stock now: https://www.knfilters.com/cold-air-intakes/cars-and-trucks/63-3109-performance-air-intake-system
  7. Looks like it is all included: Adds big-bass subwoofer in a small space, along with high-efficiency, low power-draw amplifier 200-watt powered Kicker® subwoofer with quickconnect wire harness to easily secure or remove when needing more cargo room Plug and play – no wire cutting or vehicle modifications Cosmetically integrated for original factory look Minimum impact on your vehicle’s charging system Product Description Amp up your vehicle’s sound system with a GMC Accessories Audio Amplifier. It adds big-bass subwoofer power from a high-efficiency, low power-draw amplifier. Package includes a 200-watt powered subwoofer.
  8. Saw this kicker subwoofer kit in the accessories shop: https://my.gmc.com/accessories/product/1GTU9FELXKZ111490/detail/19417164 (Part Number: 19417164) Worth it?
  9. JL Audio sent me this January23rd, said they had completed development of the stealth box for the truck: "We just finished development of a new Stealthbox model designed to fit the 4th Generation GM full-size trucks. It's not available yet, but we hope to begin shipping sometime next month. The enclosure comes loaded with a pair of 12TW3-D8 woofers in a down firing configuration that installs under the rear seat. The pair of woofers are wired for a 2 ohm mono load with a rated power handling of 800 watts RMS. The enclosure also has a recess in the top to mount an amplifier. The new Stealthbox model name and SKU are listed below: SB-GM-SLVCC4/12TW3 (SKU 94668)"
  10. Does anyone know the part number for the 2019 Bose subwoofer enclosure? 2018 part number was 22818981 and I am hoping someone would know if it is the same.
  11. Not yet, still trying though. Been through multiple cycles because of what I assume are multiple unsupported components that need updates. I am in a holding pattern until I can connect the i3 to my computer at home.
  12. I hooked up my Diablosport intune last night and just received the unlock code a few minutes ago, I will let you know how it goes. Have you tried changing the ride control yet? Might just be me but I feel that sport mode makes a significant difference in the acceleration. This truck would smoke my 2018.
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