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  1. Yeah I’ve been really surprised how well it’s held up. I put on about 12 coats, but no issues so far. Only been a month and a half, but I go through the car wash about 3 times a week and no issues.
  2. I actually just used plasti dip on all the badges and grille.
  3. I’ll probably leave it this way for now. I love the look. If it doesn’t hold up worth a shit I’ll probably buy the grille and insert and do it up more the permanent route, but so far so good.
  4. Wizard, mine does have the holes in it from the license plate bracket.
  5. I actually just got my fender caps delivered today! Haha, got the exact same ones. Look like they’re simple enough and an exact match.
  6. So apparently you can’t get the door handles in white frost, they just come blank and then have to be painted. My buddy said if that’s the case I’m better off just pulling the chrome ones off there and painting those as opposed to buying the new ones and painting them. Said they can scuff those up easy enough and use some adhesion promoter and wouldn’t be worried about it chipping. Seems ridiculous to me, but seeing it’s not an “accessory” item that’s the way it is... I did get the rims and tires on it yesterday though.
  7. Got my guy getting me a quote on new ones in the frost white. I also posted on here hoping maybe somebody would want to do a swap and take my chrome ones... No bites on that yet, so probably going to have to just buy the new ones. I did the mirror caps in white already, but I’m also ordering the window moldings in black today too.
  8. Yes, just went the $5 option for now with plasti dip and see how it holds up. More so just wanted to see if I liked the look with it all black before I went about taking off the badges. Super easy though and love the look.
  9. Got the badges blacked out...rims and tires go on Tuesday and the grill is next.
  10. Anyone interested in swapping me my chrome door handles for white frost? Trying to get all the chrome off this thing and black it out, thanks. BTW the truck is a brand new 2019 Denali Sierra 1500. Still has the in transits on it, so they’re in perfect condition.
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