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  1. I thought the original $650 price was pretty fair, I wouldn't want to do the job without taking the headliner out, and to take the headliner out all of the seats and pillar trim have to come out. It could be a few hours labor easily. I just had the front of the headliner down to put some silicone around my XM antenna and add the dr harness auto dimming mirror harness in and it was pretty tough to reach in there. That would make be a bit nervous, those are made to punch holes in electrical boxes. Greenlee make a lot of electrician tools. The fact that the roof isn't flat, I would worry about putting a crease in it. But the picture seemed to work well. The marker lights come on automatically, the switch is something wired so you can put on a beacon or a strobe for the plow guys.
  2. 285/60/r20 duratracs with 20x9 +18 wheels rub the wheel wells in a few places in 100% stock configuration
  3. Just got these put on this morning, I didn't put the center caps on yet because I wasn't sure how the fronts would fit. The drivers side doesn't rub, but for some reason the passenger side rubs the wheel well a few areas on the turning radius. I am going to look at adjusting the keys a little and tweak the wheel liners a bit in the front. Edit: I turned the keys up 4 turns, not sure how much it actually did because I pulled back the front of the wheel liners at the same time. Wheels: Anthem Off-Road Defender 20x9 +18mm Tires: Wrangler DuraTrac 285/60R20 No suspension changes at all shown below.
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