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  1. I would appreciate my account deleted Sick of people acting mighter than thou on here This isnt highschool i didnt put up with baby bullshit then and i too ****ing old to put up with it now, delete me
  2. Everybody bitching , everyone else is right u know what we should b able to drive what we want the way we want o and by the ****ing way im sure the torq on the new 4.3s is higher than that old 5.7, so ive had enough , every lost its the same ****ing thing , mines bigger than yours!!! This isnt a dick measuring forum its guys who luke g. Trucks, bur u know what **** all you im out go piss on each other
  3. I had a 93 scsb z71 with 350 5.7L with 33x12.5 and it was rated under 200 horse and did fine, im not worried about my 4.3 rated just under 300
  4. I hv 17 Z71 3in front 2in rear level/lift 33x12.5s on the way with 4.3l
  5. Nice! Same question as kingofcrate, what lift and tires do u got? I have 3in front 2in rear level/lift was wanting 35x12.5 but only few people say i can run them the majority says 33x12.5,
  6. Are those puddle lights in the rear step factory? I want those, awesome looking truck though! It be really cool to have yours and mine side by side "storm trooper n darth vader" check out my gallery "sinister silverado"
  7. I just did one on mine too , wasnt the back up camera wire in bot of tailgate a nice suprise (not) i just fanangled the tailgate into the bed, and isnt that harness great?! Idk why anyone would want that ugly connection infront of their bumbers, did u hook up the backup light too, man their bright
  8. Actually didnt consider that, id even be happy i guess if i could find a supwrcharger kit or turbo for this 4.3
  9. Ok guys im sure this may hv been hit before but as you may or may not no i hv a 17 z71 1500 with the 4.3, now ive seen people ask about swapping in the 5.3s and the majority always says it be cheaper to buy a new truck , but ive found a couple trucks with fairly low mileage with 6.2 plus tranny and wiring (wrecked) now i can do the mechanical work myself. These trucks are usually a yr or 2 older than mine but very reasonably priced 3500-5000 , i cant see how buying a new truck would be cheaper than putting 6grand ( xtra parts that may neef) on a truckni already own
  10. Ya i didnt even bother ordering a harness i actually put them on a round led rocker in overhead console so i can "blink" them
  11. I just used some new drill bits prewired a harness and prayed my bit didnt skipnlol
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