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  1. Long time listener, first time caller. I just got my 19 Silverado yesterday. It is the extended cab, not the crew cab. I'm wondering if the bed cover I had on my 2015 (same cab/bed configuration) fit my 2019? It would be easy to measure if I had the old truck here, but I don't. On the bluetooth scene, I can pair my Samsung S10+ with the Chev, but it doesn't import the contacts, favs or recent calls. This phone worked with my 2015 just fine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Still very happy with my 2015 Silverado. 45k miles on her and all I've changed, besides the oil/filter, is the rear bumper. I backed into a pipe at a slow walking speed and bent the crap out of the rear bumper. Put on a GO RHINO bumper. It's maybe 2-3 times the thickness of the standard bumper.
  3. I just took my 2015 in for an oil change today and the service manager told me there was 2 recalls on the truck. One was a reflash of the TCU for an issue where the transfer case does not always come out of 4WD when switched back to 2WD, and the other was to check the mounting fasteners on the rear calipers for proper tightness. I guess I should have asked for the TSB numbers.
  4. I ordered it through Bakflip.com (an authorized dealer). I had a hard shell on another truck and while it was very secure and water resistant, I spent way too much time taking it off so I could use my truck as a truck.
  5. I put a BakFlip Fibremax on my '15 because i also wanted access to the whole bed. Over the winter I got a small ammount of water through the hindge in only one spot. The seal in the cab end started comming off. I could have fixed it with some trim tape, but i thought I'd comtact Bak and see what they said. They asked for some pictures, I sent them from after a wild thunderstorm. Maybe 3-4 drops made it through. Bak said they would be sending me a seal kit. The next week there was a complete new cover sitting on my front porch. Can't beat that for costomer service! I'm going to glue the trim back on to the old one and have a clean spare in the barn.
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