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  1. Winner!! It's a 1935 Seagrave. It actually belonged to our dept when it was new.
  2. Speed Turtle unit? That's pretty effective. How did you insert the YouTube vid?
  3. Got the blues install complete. Even had time for a wash before we have rain for the next 6 days... https://youtu.be/eKdbDOpjv7c
  4. Shoot, I get XM radio for $70 a year and they think I'm going to pay $15 a month to use my phone to start my truck?? Is anyone here old enough to remember when cell phone texts were charged each time you sent one? They used very little bandwidth but were a huge money maker for the carrier. This is the same. The infrastructure to handle this feature is not daunting. It's just another way to nickle and dime the consumer.
  5. Can you get under the truck and yank on the exhaust up front? Years ago I had a truck that made a noise like that and it was a exhaust hanger. Take a rubber mallet under there with you and start smacking stuff.
  6. Called GM "Connection" hotline. Worse than useless, didn't know if there was an update or not even when offered VIN of my truck. Typical crap you hear from any call in help line. At least she didn't ask " Is the (insert name of tech object) plugged in?". I did do a forget and pair again on both the truck as well as the phone with no success. I'm not sure the local dealer is going to have a full service staff with all that is going on right now. I've lived with the limitation for 4 months, I guess another month or so isn't going to kill me. Stay safe, stay away from crowds. Flatten
  7. I tried that when I first got the truck back in November. I'll give it another try tomorrow. I haven't tried pairing any other phones to the truck.
  8. I guess I should have mentioned I have a Samsung S10+. This is not an unheard of phone....
  9. This is pissing me off. I've never been able to get my contacts to load to my truck infotainment system. 2019 truck, 2019 phone... You would think it would not be rocket science. Flash forward to yesterday, so we have completed outfitting a new 2020 2500 diesel WT (with the plain jane WT radio). The chief said all the officers can pair their phones to the truck if they wish. What do you know? It takes just a few seconds to pair and completely download my contacts to this bare bones radio. WTF GM??? Issue an update or whatever to my radio so I can use my flipping phone!!!
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