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  1. Sounds like a brake is sticking ....
  2. Averaged on the Highway with the AC on and the bed of the truck full of collers and bagage and four people in the cab running about 65 to 75 mph on the highway straight thru to lake cumberland non stop for about 4 hrs averaged 17 to 20 mpg / city is about 12 to 14 mpg but that allot and stop and go ... this is about what i got my 2009 5.3 I did drive it without the range for awhile the problem was when i towed the camper with the 2009 RPMs flutuated allot with it in the tow mode ... I have the sticker from the 2018 truck its stats 17 mpg combined city and highway .... this also based on how you drive the truck ....also if your a lead foot i dont see how you can even get a good average mpg ... I will see here in couple weeks when i go camping with the 2018 i know its geared different with the current tow package ....
  3. I bought a 2018 Crew Cab Chevy Silverado 5.3 v8 4x4 at the end of Jan 2020... found at a local chevy dealership only 18,000 miles still like new it has the intergrated trailer brake spray in bed liner window vents , running boards , hard tonneua cover that flips up and folds.. looked up on the internet its $800.00 cover , it has the inner finder liners and it has been undercoated ...I looked at a 2019 prior to seeing this and the payments were the key of my purchase. I traded in a 2009 chevy sliverado that had 130,000 miles on it .... the 2018 was certiied used truck and still has the factory warranty .. the first thing I did put a range to shut off the 8cylinder to 4 cylinder mode a truck should be a 8 cylinder all the time. Then I put Weather tech floor mats in the front and back ... I have had four chevy silveradoes and had no major issues... all the of them I traded in at over 100,000 miles keep up on the basic maint and fluids is the key ... the truck rides nice and is Quiet .... the 5.3 has plenty of power ... I was not a big fan of the running boards but have stated to get use to them.... next is tinting the front windows at 20% to match the back windows ... getting ready to pull my 26 ft hybrid camper next week for the first time this year with the truck ... I am a big Chevy bow tie fan ... I did also just put the K&N filter in the stock air intake box .. ive done that on my other trucks no issues
  4. Sounds like a good deal ...i have have owned 4 chevy silverado's and they have been good trucks as long as you do the required maintenance of them ...all have had the 5.3 v8 and all 4x4 .. the last one i just traded in the end of January of this year was a 2009 z71 extended cab the truck never left me stranded i bouhgt it new traded in at 130.000 miles never burnt any oil ran like a top ... just needed more space so I bought a 2018 crew cab at only 18,000 it like new had everything i needed and was cheaper than a 2020 based on payments ... the 2009 did have rust on the bed above the wheels common for them especailly in Ohio other than these trucks are in my opnion reliable ...
  5. I have one in my 2018 .... they work great always in 8 cylinder .... current one I have was in my 2009 just sent it back to RANGE and they did a free update for the 2018 ... i had 130,000 miles on the 09....
  6. My truck had the Extang 2.0 when i bought the truck ... I really like to cover and after i bought the truck looked it up on line and seen it was over $800.00 i would say its worth the money if you can justify the cost ..
  7. Yep my was in Auto to and it did not change so I ended up doing maually along with resetting my coffee maker also ....
  8. I had the same issue when i first bought a new 2009 Exteneded cab Z71. Took it to the dealer one time stated it was normal drove the truck for 11 years and just recently traded it in at 130,000 miles and bought a 2018 crew cab 5.3 4x4 ... never had any transmission issues are drive train issues ...
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