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  1. I'm surprised there hasn't been more chatter on here about this ReadyLift level for the AT4/Trail Boss. Anyone else have it yet? Pics? TumTum5891 is running 285/75/18 (which is pushing a true 35 inch tire) without rubbing. Anyone else?? Anything bigger?
  2. That's a true 35 inch tire. Nitto website states diameter is 35.08 inches and 11.26 inches wide. That's amazing if you're not rubbing, and would be the largest tire that I've seen posted on a stock AT4 without rubbing. Looks great.
  3. I honestly have not been paying attention to the gas mileage. Yes, 6.2. The exhaust sounds so good, that I suspect my right foot is affecting the mileage more than the tires....
  4. I also investigated this thoroughly before making my decision. I have stock 18 inch wheels with Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285/70/18, no lift or level. They are exactly 34 inches in diameter inflated. I went with that tire as a better all round tire for what I was looking for which included weight. They are only 59 pounds. They look great, fill out the wheel well, and relatively quiet compared to Mud Terrain tires. There is something to be said for unsprung weight and inertia. There is plenty of room b/w the tire and the mud flap & felt behind the front tire; right at a whole inch with the wheel turned and the tire at its closest to the felt. I would feel completely comfortable putting some 35/12.5/18's on there. The BFG TA KO2 is what I had initially wanted. They are 34.5 inches in diameter, but are up to 68 pounds. that size is only 0.25 inches more radius, and there is more than enough room for that. I'll post some pics in a bit to show you. There is a fellow on here with a black AT4 that put Accele MT-01 on stock 20 inch rims with no level . They are also 34.5/12.5 inches (like the BFG), and he had no rubbing at all. He had modified the mud flaps, but said was unnecessary. Theres another guy with a red truck that has 34.6 that rubs a little.
  5. Well, I’ve been trolling several threads here and finally got her done. Took delivery of a Pacific Blue AT4, 6.2L, with 18s, intake/exhaust. I initially wanted to go with BFG 35/12.5/18 (34.5 inch diameter), knowing they would fit based on what I learned on this website. My concern was the weight (68 pounds), and that they are a tight fit, not leaving much room for flex and bumps. I then started looking at something slightly smaller. I looked at the Mastercraft and the Cooper AT3 XLT in 295/70/18. All of which range b/w 34.25 and 34.3 inches and weigh 61-63 pounds. All are great tires but less aggressive looking, Also looked at the Nitto Ridge Grapplers in 285/70/18 which are 34 inches in diameter and weigh 59 pounds. Had the Rdge Grapplers on a prior vehicle and really liked the looks and know for a fact that they are more quiet than the OEM Duratracs. They have a 295/70, but are 69 pounds! Ultimately went with the Ridge Grappler in 285/70/18. Great looking, fill out the wheel well, light, plenty of clearance, and only 1/2 inch less diameter than the BFGs (that’s only 1/4 inch less in ride height). Next is tint. Couldn’t be happier
  6. Have you noticed any rubbing yet. Could you post more pics?? Thanks
  7. Do these rub??!. the Nitto website says the G2 in 285/65/20 has a diameter of 34.57 inches. If they don't rub, then this is great news; further bolsters the argument that 35 inch tires will fit. The BFG KO2 is 34.5 inches in diameter.
  8. Does the MX4 touch the cab or glass when folded all the way up? When folded all the way up, like when something big in bed, does it stay up by itself or does it fall over?? Thanks
  9. Arnold and Dustin, Thanks so much for posting so much explanation and pics. I suspect the measurement of that tire only being 34 inches is because it was measured vertically, with the bottom part of the tire being mashed under the weight of the truck. A more accurate measurement would have been horizontally and would likely be the true measurement. As you said, it measured 34.5 prior to installation. Though there wasn't much room to spare, you definitely proved that a 35x12.5 tire could fit, depending on the brand. So, I'm comfortable knowing it can be done. My truck isn't here yet, so still have some time to ponder.
  10. Those look awesome!!! Those are what I want, but I'm concerned about the weight. Any seat of the pants difference with acceleration or braking? I'm on the fence between these and the Cooper AT3 XLT in the same size. The Cooper is less aggressive in appearance, but are 8 pounds lighter. Anyone put 295/70/18 on a AT4 yet? I'm wondering if they'll fit as have heard the wheel well opening is smaller.....
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