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  1. Does anyone have pics of an AT4/TB with the Motofab 1" level?? There are plenty with the older 1.5", but have not seen any with the 1". I realize that there will obviously still be some rake, but wonder if it would be good enough looking to avoid going down the path of new UCA, spacers, etc.
  2. Just to clarify, you did the GM 2 inch lift from the TB/AT4; then did a 1 inch front leveling kit? Looks great. Whose 1 inch level did u use? Motofab? Those Nitto RG’s spec out to 34.74” diameter and 11.42” wide. Any rubbing at all?? using a spacer? thanks
  3. Great ideas, thanks. Looking for a stationary board to help protect from rocks being thrown up from the front tires
  4. I’ve got an AT4 with the optional “off road” steps. They look great, substantial, protect the paint well, and function great as a step. BUT, they hang low.. I’ve high centered on them, and from the profile view they make the truck look lower. I’d like to replace them with something as nice as they are, but provide more ground clearance and are more tucked up into the pinch weld under the door. Something high and tight, but still providing a functional step and paint protection from rocks thrown by the front tires. Looking at the Rough Country HD2, Go Rhino RB20 & D
  5. Which Rhino steps are those???! I need those. Look high and tight with good ground clearance. Thanks
  6. Are the Rough Country boards higher than the optional "off road" OEM steps? Would love to see a side by side pic
  7. I'm surprised there hasn't been more chatter on here about this ReadyLift level for the AT4/Trail Boss. Anyone else have it yet? Pics? TumTum5891 is running 285/75/18 (which is pushing a true 35 inch tire) without rubbing. Anyone else?? Anything bigger?
  8. That's a true 35 inch tire. Nitto website states diameter is 35.08 inches and 11.26 inches wide. That's amazing if you're not rubbing, and would be the largest tire that I've seen posted on a stock AT4 without rubbing. Looks great.
  9. I honestly have not been paying attention to the gas mileage. Yes, 6.2. The exhaust sounds so good, that I suspect my right foot is affecting the mileage more than the tires....
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