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  1. Has anyone tried the BFG T/A KO2 In 35x12.5? Both the 18 and 29 inch versions have the same measurements. Fit without level? Mines coming with the 18 inch rims, so also considering 295/70/18. anyone with experience or comments on the Cooper S/T Maxx, Cooper AT3 XLT, or Mastercraft Courser CXT? Im looking more at AT tires instead of mud tires thanks
  2. I assume the Motofab is ok to use with the AT4 (unlike the RC)?? Also, pics of how you trimmed the mud flaps? Thanks again
  3. Dustin, Looks awesome, and I appreciate all the time and pics that you've supplied on this thread. You state that you now have more room since leveling. Would you mind posting some updated pics of the wheel turned to show how much more room there is now? Like the ones that you had your hand in the pic to show the distance from the edge of the tire to the felt liner. Thanks a ton

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