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  1. I have just put in a fox box that has 2 1o inch sundown e10 v3's in it and it is ported to the rear and I am very happy with the set up. They are powered by a RF 1200 class d at 1 ohm and they hit hard. the box comes with one inch seat risers to lift the seat up and the sub mounting depth gives right at 6 inches. The sundowns just fit in there. Box is well made, it isn't 12's but it sounds a lot better than the shallow mount subs I have heard in the past. And for a lower line of sundown subs I was thoroughly impressed. http://www.foxacoustics.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=GM-CC-210-V-07&CartID=1
  2. I just got the fox acoustics box http://www.foxacoustics.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=GM-CC-210-V-07&CartID=1 and put 2 sundown 10's powered by a Rockford amp and let me tell you it hits hard. I am very happy. I used an ac lc2i to get signal at back wall from bose amp. The fox box is really put together nicely and comes with 1 inch spacers to lift the back seat up for proper clearance and the sundown subs mounting depth fit perfectly into the box. I used to swear by JL Audio subwoofers but for their entry level subwoofers the sundowns are impressive. Setup works great in the crew cab!
  3. Here is mine, just got the level, wheels and tires and subwoofers put in recently. Definitely a unique color!
  4. Discount tire direct has always been good to me! I just ordered new wheels and tires and it went well again. They seem to always have good rebates and deals running. Free shipping and mounting and balancing as well. Also the will install new tpms sensors too! I have ordered 4 different sets from them over the years and have not had any problems.
  5. So I am gonna piggy back on this thread if you don't mind. If I simply want to add an amplifier to my BOSE equipped 2018 Silverado system to power a new subwoofer enclosure what is the best route to take for a clean signal for my subs? Thanks for any help.
  6. So I guess in the future you need to tell 911 that you may be injured since you were just in an accident. That would assure the police arrives and the at fault driver is ticketed. Thank God you got the video. I need to get serious about getting a dashcam! Hopefully this gets straightened out for you quickly.
  7. Nice truck! I just got a new leftover High Country yesterday as well!
  8. Hey all! I just got my first Chevy, a leftover 18 High Country! Too many problems with the Ram 2500 6.4 hemi and then the 1500 5.7 hemi before that. I am excited to see how Chevy treats me!
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