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  1. V4 mode

    Mine stays in V4 too long. I can feel it struggling before it goes back to V8. I can keep the hesitating/struggling feeling if I'm precise with the gas pedal. It seems to go back and forth seamlessly. Just waits too long before upping back to V8 on mine. It's a 2015 6 speed 5.3.
  2. Wow thanks for that fellow maritimer. It seemed like it was towards the back of the truck too, didn't make any sense to me.
  3. I really like the Duratracs. The coolant is red in my truck. I wish I knew what the green stuff was. Getting nervous as the warranty deadline approaches.
  4. I had the dealer replace mine. It seemed really bad compared to my civic. They said the seal had gone in the camera. The new one is better but not great.
  5. Yea I checked the level last night and realized that. Any guess what that could be? it's like a fluorescent green. It wouldn't be refrigerant?
  6. I noticed this in the snow yesterday where I park my truck. It seemed to be towards the rear of the truck but I'm assuming it's coolant. Warranty expires in 2 weeks. Its a 2015.
  7. Another window trim

    I did indeed break all but one of the 16 clips. I got some bad information before doing this. Should have painted them on the truck.
  8. Another window trim

    Does anyone think tapping them down with a rubber hammer would get the clips to engage with out damaging the trim?
  9. Hi all, i removed my chrome window trim to plasti dip tonight and I can't get them to snap back in. they seem all lined up but they lift easy and i hear no click. the clips look to be intact. I feel like i've pushed on them as hard as i should. crew cab and I haven't been able to get one of them to snap in. i must doing something wrong, anything i can try?

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