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  1. I already had a cold air intake and the. Borla exhaust when i installed all this , not sure if there were any real gains but i am very happy with it, i know im late with my response
  2. You wont need the grill or the bumper. You'll need the hood and the hinges and springs at the bare minimum. The intake duct work, the hood vent, all of the clips associated with it. I dont have my parts list but lots of guys on here do.
  3. I'm not sure I did the borla exhaust around the same time but it does feel pretty good.
  4. The 2500 sir box fits in the stock 1500 location
  5. Yea I was recommended to do it that way from the start by a buddy
  6. This is how I ended up doing the air box
  7. This ended up not working we used a k&n cold air intake tube and just trimmed it to fit the ram air box
  8. Just painted mine Friday, hopefully we will have it on next week. We are doing the ram air box too that the hood lines up with.
  9. Buy some epoxy and brush it on with a small dabber. Although epoxy is not uv resistant it is corrosion resistant and bonds to bare metal. Regular touch up paint is not made for bare metal.
  10. The textured surface is stone guard/ chip guard. This product goes on after the ecoat and before the basecoat. If it is lifting or peeling it is doing so because a topcoat was applied before it fully cured causing it to stay somewhat soft and over time lead to product failure. I'm a professional painter and have applied these coatings many times , generally I will apply chip guard then run a bake cycle , then sealer and basecoat, followed by clear. In my opinion any panel that has this product bubbling or peeling needs to be stripped completely of chip guard and reapplied correctly to prevent a reoccurrence.
  11. My truck has the rugged cover 2 on it and it's pretty water tight... I never see wet spots inside and I live in Louisiana. It also has led lights built into the back panel. https://www.realtruck.com/rugged-premium-hard-fold-tonneau-cover/
  12. Man this is a real bummer I feel for u guys. I cant believe the extra cost of this and the fact it was so poorly designed. My Sierra Denali came with a dealer installed bed cover thing and its never wet inside. Even here in Louisiana where it rains for days at a time. It crazy that GM will just kinda write off the very high trim level trucks which are pretty much all profit to dealers .
  13. Watch for the rubbing on the bedside where the bumper touched inside the pocket. If it rubs thru the paint you could have a situation where u need to file and claim and have the bedside painted as well to prevent corrosion. This is pretty common on rear end collisions on pickup trucks.
  14. I'm a painter, I wouldn't recommend taking this on by yourself if u are planning to sand and repaint it, unless u have some help from someone with experience. If this was me and I didnt wanna repaint it I would touch up the rock chips with base, and then have some clear bra installed over top to provide a moisture barrier. Then just wait until something happens and u can file an insurance claim to have it repaired properly... hint hint... sand damage , wind damage... these are covered under comprehensive and can include up to a complete paint job to repair rock chips caused by heavy wind and sand.
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