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  1. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    My truck has the rugged cover 2 on it and it's pretty water tight... I never see wet spots inside and I live in Louisiana. It also has led lights built into the back panel. https://www.realtruck.com/rugged-premium-hard-fold-tonneau-cover/
  2. Man this is a real bummer I feel for u guys. I cant believe the extra cost of this and the fact it was so poorly designed. My Sierra Denali came with a dealer installed bed cover thing and its never wet inside. Even here in Louisiana where it rains for days at a time. It crazy that GM will just kinda write off the very high trim level trucks which are pretty much all profit to dealers .
  3. Bumper Damage

    Watch for the rubbing on the bedside where the bumper touched inside the pocket. If it rubs thru the paint you could have a situation where u need to file and claim and have the bedside painted as well to prevent corrosion. This is pretty common on rear end collisions on pickup trucks.
  4. I'm a painter, I wouldn't recommend taking this on by yourself if u are planning to sand and repaint it, unless u have some help from someone with experience. If this was me and I didnt wanna repaint it I would touch up the rock chips with base, and then have some clear bra installed over top to provide a moisture barrier. Then just wait until something happens and u can file an insurance claim to have it repaired properly... hint hint... sand damage , wind damage... these are covered under comprehensive and can include up to a complete paint job to repair rock chips caused by heavy wind and sand.
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Yea it was morning time lots of Dew here . The inside is kinda what sold me on it , it's got the rear entertainment like my suburban and the kids really like that. I'm gonna do the hd hood swap they talk about in another thread I think.
  6. I also love the headlights on my sierra denali. Didnt realize they were led till I read it on here, but that are very bright and have the auto feature which is pretty cool.
  7. Surprised your not happy with the lights, I love the headlights in my denali truck. I have a ltz suburban the same year and i think i like the Denali lights better.
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    My 2016 sierra.

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