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  1. So this just happened - really happy with the outcome - new shoes are 22 inch factory wheels, LT285 50/R22 Nitto RidgeGrapplers - no level, no lift, no rubbing...
  2. So once you are done you don't have to leave the SD card in correct? It's just used to program the radio and then you are done with it. The Nav that is installed is it Google Navigation, WAZE, OnStar or anything like that? Can you tell where they are getting their maps and directions from? I am think about doing this potentially as I use NAV alot and thought it was installed too - not having to hookup or have your phone all the time will help and be more clean.
  3. What size tire and wheels do you have on your trail boss? did you level it or is it stock? I have a 2019 Silverado RST and looking to put 295 60 r20 on it and don't want to level it if I don't have too - like the look of your tire size so any help here would be awesome.
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