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  1. Water leaks in headliner

    Nope, they replaced the likely culprits, had the windshield out. Gutted the interior. Put it in a pressurized balloon & sprayed water on it for 3 days. They agreed it leaked, could not stop it & were unwilling to work on it anymore. Also wanted no part in taking it in on trade.
  2. replied to another post...you're having the same issue. The leak is due to the fact the roofs are glued on, once it starts it will never be stopped. had this happen on a 2015 Tahoe without a sunroof. No dealer will be able to fix the issue, believe me i went thru it for a year with no luck. Found a dealer that took it in on trade, walked out with a new 2017 Z71 a year & a half ago, with a sunroof, no issues. You got a bad one like me & many others. Next will be the HVAC controls. You think the water is only in the second row, wrong. Its everywhere, behind the dash, soaked carpet padding, everywhere. Trade it if you can. I feel bad for you.
  3. Water leaks in headliner

    My advice...find another Tahoe you like & trade that thing in. Had a 2015, started leaking 3 months into ownership. Same areas, same excuses as to where the leak was coming from. long story short, fought GM for a year, went into lemon law process. Was able to find a dealer willing to take it in on trade, ended up with a new Z71. The roofs on these are glued on. Once the leak starts, it may never be right again. Check the carpet in the second row under the seats. I bet it is soaking wet. Your HVAC controls will be the next thing to act up. I'd part ways with that thing quick. My own experience with leaks was awful, our new Tahoe, not a single issue. Had it for a yr & a half now.

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