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  1. Thanks! Went ahead and received all of the recalls. Have used remote start (app and key) multiple times with no issues.
  2. Have you used the myGMC app to remote start your truck with no issues?
  3. Had this happen on v805. Also had CarPlay (& Bluetooth) and FM playing simultaneously sometimes. Hoping v807 corrects this.
  4. So, is it a hard no to upgrading 2019 Denali with ACC? Did anyone ever determine the cost associated with an upgrade?
  5. mattsvtcobra, I agree, pushing that button should cycle through the different options for displaying the guidelines. Refer to my original post; in the picture, you can see that I have the guideline selected, like you, but I have no guidelines showing in the back-up view (doesnt work in the front either.) They were there, but since that hour-glass is there, no guidelines. Truck has been in the shop since Monday for the second time, I just have to wait and see what they come up with.
  6. Mind posting a pic of your software build page for comparison?
  7. Hmm, have any issues with the rearview mirror/camera? Mine occasionally flashes a blue screen with a camera crossed out on the upper left hand corner.
  8. It's V509. The hour glass has been there since last Saturday. Got the truck last Friday. I'm almost positive I saw V507 last Saturday, so no change in the status. Not sure what exactly the dealership loaded, their words were that they "re-loaded everything." Also, I restored everything to factory default which had no effect.
  9. This is currently happening with my truck. The guidelines were once there, but are no longer selectable via the button. The graphic on the button changes to show it should be on, but no guidelines; not in the front, the back, or even with the hitch guide. Called GM and they didnt know. Took the truck to the dealer, and they also didnt know. They said they even tried to re-load the software. I also have a hour glass symbol in the upper left corner that is persistent whenever in any camera view. All of the cameras work, just no longer have the guidelines.
  10. I hear the same thing, and have not been able to find a correleation with any other system.
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