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  1. How much gain did you end up needing to use on the amp? I wasn't sure how far up I could turn the adjustment on the LOC. Amp shows it is good at 6V on the low setting and I wanted to keep it as close to that as possible. It sounds SOOOO much better now listening to music and being able to hear it and reduce strain on the front speakers. It's no audiophile level system, but a vast improvement for minimal dollars. When I turn the bass up to screw around on a bass heavy song, it does rattle the floor board enough to hear just rattling outside the truck, but generally I'm not listening to that type music much, especially that loud, anyhow. But, I'm wondering if some dynamat on the floor in the back would deaden that some.
  2. Awesome. Do you just turn down the base on the head unit? The box comes with a remote knob...just wondering what kind of level I'm gonna be looking at. Same power I just have a bit different sub. About same spl level (90 vs 92), I'll run at 2ohms.
  3. My harness arrives today, so I'm guessing you already got yours. How's the fit, and how does it sound?
  4. **EDIT** BOSE amp is behind the rear seat. Attached are diagrams describing. You will need to remove the rear seat. When I get him to send the instructions I'll update this, but rear seat removal instructions are already on this thread I think. So, only a power cord will need to be run from the battery, everything else is behind or under the back seat. ALSO, update to my post...the guys at Subthump are making me a complete one piece box with the single amplified sub on one side and just open storage on the other side, so it will be uniform looking and I won't lose my storage! I will have to move the jack but I could just put it in the storage, though I doubt it will even work with my 6" lift and 35" tires.
  5. So, my experience over the years with factory systems and prebuilt stuff offered from the dealer, I figured I'd look into Subthump. I ordered a pre-built box with a 336RMS amp built in for $219. I added an Infinity Kappa 10" sub for $219.95, and I have a custom harness coming (full plug and play, no cutting necessary...can even disable the OEM Bose sub this way) from John Adams [email protected] (check out his YouTube channel), for $56. So, I'll still need to drop ~$50 on cables, but I'll be all in for ~$550 with real, significant base and probably less effort to install. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but for the same money, I have almost twice the power, I better sub, and the guys at Subthump are getting back to me on building a matching open top box that extends the rest of the way to allow for storage in the other half of the underseat. I'm a week out on getting everything in, but I'll install it all that day and take pictures and report back. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Awesome... I'll give that a shot today or tomorrow and post how it goes.
  7. I'll dig it up and let you know. Love this truck. Wasn't looking for attention, but I'm sure getting it in this thing.
  8. 35x12.50 on 10" Fuel wheels. I'll have to dig up the offset, not sure offhand. DSI did the install of everything. I rub a little on the liner that wasn't all the way cutout when I'm doing a lock to lock turn in reverse going slow. Just need to cut the liner a bit. Doesn't hurt anything but it's loud and annoying.
  9. Saw not a lot of 19s posting, so thought I'd post up. Looking to do some exhaust stuff and minor mods here and there. Makes my wife's Z71 Tahoe look tiny, and feel tiny when I drive it.
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