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  1. I changed my bulbs out on my headlights and I didnt seal the dust cap tightly and it fell off and condensation and moisture got in the headlight. Now this turned into a "might as well paint the inner headlights and install switchbacks DRL lights" kind of moment. Still need to clean off the adhesive and install the switch backs and paint the chrome area White Diamond Pearl
  2. yea I notice it now. Since its my first gm truck i didn't know the different types of white GM/Chevy have. I would remove my posts so no-one gets confused with the shade but it doesn't let me remove them
  3. Welp just found out my truck is not Summit White even though it was advertised as summit white at the dealership and the guy even gave me touch up paint for summit white. Apparently I have White Diamond Pearl according to my painter and the code in the glove box. Good thing i didnt go ahead and do touch up work on it yet.
  4. I got U3 plus 5202 led bulbs. A friend of mine had these for a while and they are pretty good. Can give a following update on these in the later months.
  5. Just put in Led Fog lights (have a comparison picture) and got the front window tinted to match the rear factory tint 20%. Also got Some Husky Cocoa floor mats for the front but that was the other day
  6. Here is my 2015 Sierra 1500 SLT i just picked up a little over a week ago. Already debadged the truck and will soon get the chrome to color match in summit or black. Custom summit white tow mirrors are in the works as well. I don't think I will ever get another color Sierra since this summit white looks beautiful.
  7. Thank You! Im actually in Connecticut and the garages here are small, but just enough to fit until i get a leveling kit then it will be a problem.
  8. Just picked up this Sierra 1500 SLT a week or so ago. Did not expect to pick up a white truck but I could not let this one go. Already started doing some things to it not shown in the pictures but I'm super happy I chose this one.
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