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  1. I got U3 plus 5202 led bulbs. A friend of mine had these for a while and they are pretty good. Can give a following update on these in the later months.
  2. Just put in Led Fog lights (have a comparison picture) and got the front window tinted to match the rear factory tint 20%. Also got Some Husky Cocoa floor mats for the front but that was the other day
  3. Here is my 2015 Sierra 1500 SLT i just picked up a little over a week ago. Already debadged the truck and will soon get the chrome to color match in summit or black. Custom summit white tow mirrors are in the works as well. I don't think I will ever get another color Sierra since this summit white looks beautiful.
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Thank You! Im actually in Connecticut and the garages here are small, but just enough to fit until i get a leveling kit then it will be a problem.
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Just picked up this Sierra 1500 SLT a week or so ago. Did not expect to pick up a white truck but I could not let this one go. Already started doing some things to it not shown in the pictures but I'm super happy I chose this one.

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