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  1. Jumped in my AT4 this morning for a 7 hour trip from IL to MI and it was locked in 4WD and I could not change to 2 high at all. Gears sounded and felt all messed up, made like a whining and grinding noise and was way worse low speed turning because the wheels appeared to be jumping. The engine light was on as well. Thankfully there happened to be a GMC dealer across the street from my hotel so I took it in. They checked everything and determined it was the transfer case control module. The part is supposed to be here in the morning so back to the hotel I go. So far this truck has the same crazy messages that pop up in really cold weather, my park assist is messing up and my seats vibrate for no reason like it senses something in front of the truck, my DIC goes black at least once a day sometimes for 10 seconds and sometimes for 10 minutes. And apparently there was a trailer I disconnected...you all have discussed these things but man it is very irritating to me, considering the price of these things. Trying to remain optimistic and hope the bugs all get fixed soon so I can build me some confidence taking this thing on trips.
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