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  1. Sorry to hear, glad your security system helped scare them away to prevent further loss Can that enhanced security package be added at the dealer or do you have to order it that way from factory?
  2. I paid attention yesterday but it seemed to me the heat was consistantly the same all the way around the wheel. It be nice know what is actually is underneath there and where it is. It be my senses are not strong enough to tell the difference. Who knows. If i find out more ill post
  3. This is a tough one, is this a gm shop? Low cat efficiency with a light coming on every 6 months is not a big deal. But after everything you have replaced sounds like something else far different is wrong. Those o2 sensors may be bad parts if you have rough idle. Also could be an engine misfire which has been known to set of p0420 code. If you are not at a gm dealer you may need to bite the bullet and get a 2nd opinion with them. I got this from another site What Causes This Code? Engine Misfire High Engine Oil or Coolant Consumption (Being burned in the cylinders) Rich or Lean Fuel Mixture Oxygen Sensor Less Common Causes Retarded Spark Timing Leaded Gasoline Used Leaking Exhaust System Malfunctioning CAT Weak or Poor Spark Coolant Temperature Sensor whats important to note is that other things could be causing your cat to operate inefficiently other than the cat itself and there was probably nothing wrong with your cat originally as cats usually can last 5 to 10 years they can be used for life of a car but youll just be having some nasty exhaust fumes
  4. Ya id really like this feature to bad gm does not offer it for this model If they had it as dealer installed upgrade id get it
  5. I was feeling it was warm all around the wheel and was not able to notice it more hot in certain spots i double check next time
  6. Ive been able program fm radio and sirius stations all in same section which i can change from steering wheel.
  7. My gets hot after a few minutes and i have to turn it off.
  8. Based on what your saying sounds like an issue take it in under warranty
  9. I have a 2018 with 25000km only 1 repair under warranty a leaking rear air leveler bag.
  10. Check what maintenance is rexommnded gm Playing around with your transmission with special flushes can damage it. At most you only need a transmission fluid drain and refull with approved gm trans fluid. Your likely still in time to do that. It has been known if the fluid has not been changed in extensive time example 150000 miles then changing it at all can be risky
  11. I did a bit googling seems most say let the auto leveller adjust 1st then make adjustments on the wdh. Definitely see what gm has to say. Im wondering if trailer sway control feature is affected. Your doing the right thing need to check with experienced people who tow a lot. Specifically others who have air levelling and use a WDH . I would have thought gm has air levelling suspension so your tow max rating goes up without use of a wdh . But trailering is more than that. Depends on what you haul as some trailers i understand require use of the wdh. Learning to integrate the 2 is a very good question. Be safe and make sure you find the correct information
  12. Thats a very good question . There is a forum of experts in etrailer.com who probably could answer your question
  13. Get it checked out could be a warranty issue. Could it be a lose cover or shield of some sort? But sounds like more based on your description
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