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  1. Black has looked best mainly i think because it goes good with chrome accents and make this monster size of a vehicle look smaller than it really is. I never chose black because of more practical reasons, looks dirty quicker , needs more often car washes to look good, scratches show more easier and heat absorption is strikingly more than other colors. I went with silver ice metallic which is a complete opposite of all these mentioned. But silver just looks ok but is very practical . Black does look amazing on this vehicle but if you cant put up with the practical issues satin steel metallic will have most practical advantages of quicksilver offered but will look nice. What about mineral metallic? Dark sapphires blue id need to see that on the lot. In my color book it looks black. Mineral looks closest to iridium
  2. They are almost the same vehicle but i want to hear everyone's opinions on their preferences and why. Outline some differences between the 2. I decided on a suburban lt with luxury package because i like the headlights vs the yukon xlt for about 550$ less.
  3. Not sure take it a gm dealer to make the repair if possible. This kind of customization can affect the factory driver assistance systems.
  4. Yukon xl slt with hd trailering package. Suburban lt with lux pack and max trailering package. For either add navigation to the radio . Great if you travel across canada or usa. In Canada at least in ontario one advantage the yukon xl or subruban has over a pickup truck is the mto classifies it as a suv which will save you on annual plate registration fees. If you have a pickup you can only have personal use plate for some 4000tow pounds or less. Little known . Youll need a yellow sticker increased fees and inpsections to tow more and all the hassle that comes with that. With an suv you can tow the whole 8000 pounds on a personal use plates provide you never remove seats from the suv. Great thing is you can fold them down haul many things. Pickups and trailer combined weight of over 9920 pounds needs a yellow sticker. Other jurisdictions may have similar rules. The suvs are exempt from all this because they have seats that dominate the cargo room
  5. Ive never noticed this on my lt but im going to go take another look, that looks odd. It could be specific to premier or denali given it has more.
  6. I suspect the 10 speed transmission ecu may need an update. This is common issue pops up everytime a new transmission with more gears is released. I would follow up with the dealer for campaign updates once enough people complain keep it documented. Search many forums for similar complaints see how others get it resolved. Also a reset to the learning in the ecu might solve it
  7. Is there anyway to output audio in the radio. So i can enjoy sxm externally wirelessly from maybe 10 to 20 feet away from the vehicle?
  8. I thinks thats because tow package is an upgrade on your 14 silverado and for mass production purposes the rough in is already there. But there is no such upgrade of having ac plugs in every row of a 2016 suburban in any of the trims or upgrades so i doubt gm would run wires for options they dont sell or make available in higher trims or upgrades. Thats why nobody has provided you a diagram as it may not exist. Id love if i was wrong and someone would show us these wires are ran in a suburban . I do understand your problem with excessive wires. You might have 2 available options .aftermarket install or if your kids are using tablets and phones then buy then portable batteries at costco, their handheld come in many sizes and are cheap and hold 2 to 5 times the charge of a phone or tablet. They have usb plugs on them. Ive noticed under the hood of my suburban a empty spot for what would hold an additional battery as well
  9. If its slowly returning to normal maybe they did reset your ecm which means its learning your driving style to save fuel
  10. Now winter is colder but i noticed as soon as i switched to the winter tires set fuel economy dropped. The all seasons i have are Michelin energy savers tires which have low rolling resistance and claim to save 5 to 10% on fuel economy. They were on factory original base rims 18inch. Switching to winter its michelin xice2 on gm rims that are given on the off road package. I bought a winter tire package amd thats the rims they match with the tires . I suspect rims are heavier but im not sure. On all seasons id get 10 to 11l per 100km on highway and 15 to 16l per 100km in city . But on winter tires is 11l to 12 per hundred on highway and 17 to 20l per 100 in city. Thats going by what i read on the dashboard computer.
  11. And now switched back to all seasons tires and rim and my original fuel economy is restored
  12. Idk I doubt they expense running wiring for a feature they don't include. By placing the 120v plug behind the console its accessible easily to 1st and 2nd row and even 3rd as most devices less then 150w include a 6 foot electrical cord. I think its possible for you to install though separate wire with its own independent inverter to the battery. Why do you need an ac plug in each row?
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