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  1. Anyone experience this? This has happened twice while I was driving on the street in excess of 30mph. Thankful it didn't actually switch at that speed or it would have torn up the truck. I have an appointment with the dealer in 2 days but was curious if anyone else has experienced this. After stopping and and pushing the 2wd button, it went into 2wd and stayed.
  2. Cut the tip off of the passengers grommet from under the hood. The dimple you are talking about is a hole. I thought it was a dimple when I looked, but it's difficult to see in such an awkward position lying on your back on the floor board, but it passes through. I used some 14ga wire as a fish. Push out from inside of the truck and pull it on out from under the hood. I used some hand sanitizer as lube when I pulled 4ga cable and it worked great.
  3. Did you get your kit? I ordered this with an lc4.800 and took a month to get it, several phone calls, and one PayPal dispute. After install, I had to switch 2 speaker wires from 2 channels as the harness was wired incorrectly. Following to see how yours ends up.
  4. I'm about to replace the front set with the Kenwood Excelon kfc-xp6902c. I will let you know how it sounds. It comes with their replacement 2 3/4. Probably the same one you saw on crutchfield. The KFC-6903c comes with a 3.5 inch and says it's a replacement for Dodge and Toyota but the shop is recommending I put in that kit. They will mod the hole for the 3.5. It costs the same and you get a better speaker. They are doing a Trail Boss now with the same setup so I am going to listen to it before I have mine done.
  5. Looking for replacement speakers for the front 6x9s in my Trailboss non Bose system. I have already replaced the rear with Infinity Kappas for the lower impedance, hoping to get louder sound as the rear output was terrible. It didn't do much until I added an amp. Now they sound great! Looking for component set that will replace the dash tweeters also. Leaning towards Focals, Morels, or staying with Kappa. Not wanting to add a subwoofer.
  6. Got the email as well. I paid to have mine installed in March so it kinda ticks me off that I will have to do the same thing again. I watched the guy tear my dash apart and while I'm comfortable doing a lot of things, there was a lot involved in ripping the dash and center console apart. He had a hard time getting that bottom trim piece off like stated above. I may give it a go myself this time. I haven't had any issues with mine. Never had a low battery and it has always given me the message upon starting the truck.
  7. My bad. I can see where it goes in. I thought about trying to remove the glove box if it's like the old style Silverado. I'm going to have to access the radio module to the right of the glove box to put in the loop harness so I was hoping to get access to the grommet from the inside if I take off the glove box.
  8. I cant really see it, but I was going to to go through the nipple coming off of the side of the grommet. I was going to get one of those glow stick necklaces to use as a snake so that I could see it pretty easily from under the dash. Was is pretty accessible from the dash side once you got your snake through?
  9. Just ordered an amplifier kit from LLJ Customs that includes their loop back harness. I have to run a power cable through the firewall. There is a grommet on the passenger side closest to the battery. Has anyone used this grommet? Any insight and photos would be appreciated. I will post pics when I do the job.
  10. I purchased my Trail Boss mid March. The dealer had six on the lot, all with the same build. I drove one that did the same thing. When coming to a slow stop, the tranny would jump a little. The truck did this about 5 times and had like 5 miles on the odometer when I started the test drive, but the problem seemed to go away by the end of the test drive. I ended up selecting a different color. The one I bought has not had the issue.
  11. Can you tell me which radio option you have on your truck? I just picked up my Trail Boss and it sounds horrible. Mine has the rpo code of IOR, which is the most basic radio from what I can tell. It does have the 8" screen. I was thinking about the Kicker kit but was wondering how your Alpine turned out, and what head unit you are pushing it with (IOR, IOS, IOT, IOU). I will be following.
  12. Just picked up my 2019 Silverado yesterday and found the radio to be horrible. Tried adjusting the bass, mid, and treble with minimal effect. Thinking about the Kicker upgrade. Does the Bose radio have the HD radio function? Mine does not but it looks pretty easy to upgrade from Infotainment.com for $700. Just wondering how the subwoofer would sound with an analog radio signal vs HD before I buy either one.
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