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  1. It’s all starting to make sense now. Thank you all for the detailed clarification!
  2. After I install the sensors/kit I am getting mixed messages. BlackBear will turn on the ability to run E85 via a tune update. Is this all that is needed to reap benefits from e85? I want flex ability to swap between e85 and 93 pump without having to reflash a tune each time. With this in mind what BlackBear is suggesting makes sense. They offer a 91+ tune and turn on ability to run flex after the sensor is installed. They are saying that the 91+ tune with flex option turned on is all that is needed to run E-85. But will I see performance benefits this method or does this simply give me
  3. What exhaust and is it straight exhaust or headers too?
  4. I guess I am not patient enough. I ordered the DSX kit then after doing so got all of this great advice. Oh well... I constantly see inquiries about easy performance mods. See Headers, CAI, Cat back pretty common but seldom see mention of FlexFuel conversion. It seems to be the best bang for your buck performance mod whether you spend $300 like I did or get it accomplished for under a $100.
  5. So I reached out again with BlackBear and they stated they can absolutely enable the flex fuel routines for a flex fuel conversion kit. The sensor has to be installed prior to any tuning being provided. Of the two flex fuel conversions, CJ or DSX, I think I am going to go the DSX route. Appreciate the input CamGTP!
  6. I have the 5.3. Went with 1-3/4. I "may" do a blower in the future but most likely will not. Therefore I went with 1-3/4" and in the unlikely event I go the blower route the 1-3/4 will be a big improvement over stock manifolds and do just fine for the blower. Or at least that was the conclusion I came to. But honestly, I am probably not the most credited source on this subject. But I did get input from Kooks and my tuner before making the decision between 1-3/4 vs 1-7/8.
  7. Thanks for the insight. And to BlackBear's defense I am sure they were acting under the assumption my vehicle was already flex fuel compatible. It wasn't until after I inquired that I realized it wasn't.
  8. I have a 2017 5.3l non flex fuel l83. Looks like there are some conversion kits out there. CJPerformance (http://www.cjtunes.com/store/flex-fuel-conversions/14plus-gm-truckssuv-flex-fuel-conversion/) offers a conversion kit. Anyone done this? I have a BlackBear Performance tune, I inquired about an E85 tune before I realized my vehicle was not flex fuel. I was told that I don't need an E-85 tune specific, that the 93+ tune they provided me would work with E85, that the computer would adjust to the E85 fuel. Would that logic change if I use this CJPerformance kit?
  9. Corsa sport on my 5.3 sounds amazing! If you plan to do long tubes in future its too much. But just cat back with stock manifolds I think it is the best sounding cat back out there
  10. I have the 5.3 BlackBear tuned. I asked BlackBear what CAI they recommended for my truck and was told AFE momentum, so that's what I got.
  11. Took it by the exhaust shop this morning. 1. No leaks, this tis, tis, tis, noise is infact just the long tubes ampliphying engine noise. 2. Unable to locate any leaks, rubbing, or install errors. The believe it's the muffler. Corsa has no baffling material and they believe when it reaches a certain frequency with the RPM's this buzzing noise is coming from the muffler. Odd thing is it didn't do this before adding the resonator. But oh well.
  12. I am not certain. I called the exhaust shop and I am going to bring it in in the morning to have them take a look.
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