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  1. Hello all, I have the 2018 silverado 3500HD turbo diesel with the black interior. My question is for those that have performed this swap, what part number did you all get for the console as i have tried and they say it was not an option, so if someone can provide me this part number i would sure appreciate it and thank you.
  2. So do these zXe bulbs are they the bright white output like i see on most vehicles as i would like to upgrade my factory lights as well due to the fact that i do a lot of night driving. Thanks for anserwing.
  3. I have been noticing what seems like an air leak coming through the driver side window but really don't feel any air. I noticed that it may be the tow mirrors causing a wind drag of some sort. I took it to the dealer and they could not find anything. has anyone else heard like an air/wind noise coming through the drivers window.
  4. Tazman18


    since im the rookie here i have a question and hope this is the place for it. As i read threads i have noticed most of you are using tapatalk now is this something that can be purchased or downloaded and what does the app look like. Thanks for answering.
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome, It will just be my wife and i traveling and this is something we both enjoy it. we are pretty much outdoors enthusiasts and love being in mother natures back yard...again thanx for the warm welcome.
  6. Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow chevy-GM owners out there. Just signed up and sounds like a good buch people. I own a 2018 Silverrado LT 3500HD turbo diesel and love everything about it, my wife and i are planning on purchasing a fifth wheel for traveling this beautiful country of ours in which i hope to mee some of you along the way. Any how im glad to be a part of this group.
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