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  1. Love it! It's at 3/5 now. Shocks in rear are a little softer than I like but install was a breeze! If you're in the Gen V page on Facebook search my name "Hunter Bohanan" and look for one of my posts and you'll see my truck
  2. You wont make or find a set that you can't see at all. Won't happen. I would try VAS, Victor Almazan.
  3. You want Corsa but want to stay cheap? Yeah not happening. LOL throw a resonator on the Sport catback to quiet it down
  4. Just buy the exhaust you want and separately buy the touring muffler and swap them before install. Then sell the Sport muffler for same price you paid for Touring
  5. Why do you need one? I made my 5.3 stock tube work on the l86 throttle body
  6. I see it now.. Weird, it mentions 2.5" and 4". Not what I would want. I'm willing to bet it'll drone a little though
  7. @DenaliX14 If it wasn't a daily it would definitely have a turbo. I just don't want to deal with as much fab work, or as much maintenance. Basically as simple as a bolt on kit I will have. But thanks man
  8. Yes I know. Just haven't decided. But in the mean time I upgrade where I can. Truck already has long tubes, x pipe, tuned etc. Leaning towards the 2.9 though since I have a crew cab, but again, I have months to consider. Install on the L86 manifold and throttle body is happening today.
  9. Not doing any type of internal work until it's no longer a daily. Going either Whipple 2.9 or D1 Procharger next year.
  10. More noticeable results depending on your upgrades. Bolt it onto a bone stock L83 and you'll feel "ehh". But I have headers, full exhaust, tuned on 91 and E85. So I will feel throttle response and it will run stronger. All in preparation for boost
  11. Longtubes, full exhaust (x pipe setup), L86 manifold and throttle body, Volant CAI, and E85. Good N/A combo that averages 17+ city and 20+ highway MPG. Enough to run 13's at the track if you desire. Roughly 350-380 rwhp and 360-390 rwtq
  12. Needs resonator. Even my long tube, dual 3" into x pipe and decent packed mufflers drone with tip out behind passenger rear tire
  13. I was hoping to reuse the current braided hose but second option is going to make one. I like how mine looks now so that was why I am curious. I will mess with it and see. I contacted UPR to see if I can order just the 1 piece to fit the manifold portion but if it's more than a couple bucks I wont
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