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  1. Ceramic Pro

    not bad at all! once a year at that price is affordable
  2. Ceramic Pro

    Man, that looks great! My truck is silver so I am struggling to determine if it's worth it besides cleaning the car off much easier. Definitely plan to have paint corrected and remove any blimeshes
  3. UPR Products catch installed

    3 times better but still tons of pics of cacked intake valves out there.. For the $200 it's a peace of mind I would rather pay for and not worry about as much. It's not like a $500+ upgrade and voiding a warranty. Hell, compared to the price of most of the upgrades us guys go with in this thread category it isn't that bad. I know it'll be an endless argument like anything else, but I say it's better to have than not. Maybe not for just the regular daily driver. But mine already has long tubes and full exhaust and eventually forced induction so the better shape I can keep this motor before some abuse, the better.
  4. Can't see the video since I'm on work computer.. Test drove a 2018 with the eAssist before I realized it was equipped with it. Hated the start/stop. Is the 2019's standard with this like AFM now? Or is it the eAssist option also?
  5. UPR Products catch installed

    AFM disabling doesn't change anything with needing a catch can.. About to empty mine later I will post the results. I have about 500-1000 miles on mine
  6. Same results with my $400 long tubes and y pipe vs the $1400 stuff.. Just my opinion though!
  7. I installed mine 2 weeks ago. Have the headers and y pipe v-banded to ensure no leaks. That is my only complaint is the slip fittings leak and have a little play. Other than that install was a breeze. My setup is 1 7/8 headers, y pipe, 3.5" exhaust into a Borla XR1
  8. Volant intake

    I doubt any of the filters make much difference, maybe a few HP at most. I want to get one and run the dry filter though. Found the old black bear contest with CAI's and the AEM and Volant made the most. Stock was 291 HP and 315 TQ. The AEM and Volant made right at 330-335 TQ and 310ish HP. This was on a 6.2 but I'm sure not much difference in gains on the 5.3. The AirAid Jr didn't do anything like I expected.
  9. x pipe will make more power over a "y pipe" setup a lot of the times. Look at speed engineering x pipe kit. I am running their long tube headers and y pipe for now. x pipe setup will usually be more deeper and less raspy

    It seems the newer stuff on3 works with such as the new Mustangs, F150's, Silverado's, etc is better quality. The kits for the 99-06 trucks are garbage. Crossover is junk most of the time. Local tuner is running the on3 kit on his 2016 Silverado rcsb I believe and it moves pretty good

    LSA is a thing of the past with these LT motors. For a LS it's a good upgrade though
  12. Wow.. How is this still for sale..
  13. Exhaust "Ping"

    I run 89, 91, or E85. I am going to look hard for a leak tonight. My start up video does no justice on the tone I am referring to and the location. It sounds like a giant leak around the y pipe area in the video. But while driving it sounds terrible after 2k RPM. I want to try to video while I am driving but I think my iPhone will pick up more air noise than exhaust. But I am going to get a video tonight someway somehow.
  14. Exhaust "Ping"

    I believe it can be the tune also. I know of someone who installed the same exact setup and his is tuned with a Diablo canned tuned and he doesn't have any issues with this tone. I am glad to hear his setup isn't making the noise though, so I can at least find a solution to it. Mine will have a custom tune though, I just think it's weird the exhaust tone is due to the stock tune being funky after the headers.
  15. Hey guys, just installed long tubes over the weekend. New setup consists of 1 7/8" Speed Engineering long tubes, Speed Engineering y-pipe and a complete stock 6.2 exhaust (my truck is a 5.3). After making my own ball flange for the y pipe/exhaust connector and adjusting the y-pipe clamp about 6 times I finally took it for a drive. I have a weird "pingy" noise coming from the middle area of my truck. I know it isn't the driver side header clamp or the y pipe. I'm very positive it isn't the passenger or the flange clamp either. Could it be the stock muffler? The noise only starts around 2200-2500 RPM and up. I understand sounds amplify with the long tubes vs the stock manifolds but my 06 Silverado with the same Speed Engineering long tubes and Speed Engineering true dual x pipe exhaust didn't make this same noise at all in any RPM like this. I will try to make a video and attach later into this thread. Any other guys with similar setups have this issue? The truck will be tuned in about 3 weeks and hopefully a Borla XR1 replacing the stock muffler in a week or two. I might try to throw some e85 in it to see if it goes away.

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