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  1. They aren't but everyone has their own opinion. I prefer my $4XX Speed Engineering headers over a set for $880's for same result.
  2. Here is the first start up video I made. I am uploading a short 25-70 pull I did also to show how it sounds at full throttle.
  3. No dyno. I will get it retuned. It's stronger in mid range for sure. Clears transmission just fine no isses. And nope. It's actually so quiet I have to roll down window to hear it and a decent throttle. Cold start is super quiet. Literally NO drone at any speed.. 25,45,60,75, etc. If I could figure out how to upload a video I would. If you're on facebook in the Gen V truck page search my name "Hunter Bohanan" and you'll see my recent posts on it along with start up and a full throttle video.
  4. This is it: https://www.speed-engineering.com/shop-by-vehicle/2014-2017-gm-trucks/exhaust/true-dual-exhaust-kits/silverado-sierra-true-dual-exhaust-system-2007-2013-crew-extra-cab-rear-exit.html
  5. I already have their long tubes. I went from their y pipe to this dual x pipe exhaust. Y pipe is only 1 outlet. This is outlet from driver over to passenger side into x pipe with dual inlet and dual outlet
  6. I installed my exhaust over the weekend. Everything went smooth with no issues. I used a lap joint clamp off Amazon for the driver, passenger, and crossover and the supplied clamps for the remainder of the exhaust. My truck is even lowered 3/5 with a flip kit and doesn't come in contact with axle on bumps. My old setup was y-pipe into 3.5" exhaust into a Borla XR-1 dumped at the axle. New exhaust eliminated all drone and is even louder at WOT than the dumped bullet muffler. Couldn't be happier with their exhaust system for $475 shipped to my door. I will upload pics today as well. Truck also is stronger in mid range for those wondering. I've only gone WOT up to 70 MPH since I live in a area heavy with cops
  7. i’d prefer to have the option to change the shock... Viking
  8. I saw $850 I thought. $600 aint bad though. Is that for full bolt in front? Not a fan of those t bar style lowers that most use for truck applications. Ive seen the 99-06 model of truck break through the lower control arm easily
  9. Those Belltech's are pricey in my opinion. You're going with the tried and true Vikings.. Don't sweat it
  10. The guy suggested "not spending a fortune" and people suggest Borla ATAK and Corsa. LOL. As mentioned.. Cheap and easy: remove muffler. resonator, third cat depending on how loud you want to be. Still not happy.. Long tubes, X pipe and whatever mufflers you want.
  11. any more updates that want to add onto this thread? Seems that most results are throttle response. But how much? Or is it mostly a mind thing thinking it would produce results? Thinking about doing this mod with my upgraded exhaust when I go back to tuner to tweak it some more
  12. Best and "cheap" never go hand in hand. Easy and loud is straight pipe leave the 3rd cat. Great exhaust note would be a catback in most cases and easiest for stock manifolds
  13. Who all is running the Speed Engineering on their truck? Dumped or side exit post them up. I will be adding the rear exit style to my truck in a couple weeks. I haven't seen many 2014+ trucks running the side exit!
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