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  1. How does the DJM sway bars compare? I haven't looked too hard but I figure they're different in diameter. I am going to hold off until mine is lowered to buy a front or rear though. My last truck had one at the time of it being lowered and I had to source different end links so I will drop it first then go with sway bars
  2. Hey centex14, I just realized you're Bgbldodge over on PT! I forgot to ask how the swap is going! I'm still deciding between that or just going with a CAI and save up for a stall converter since it'll benefit better from the stall. But, the throttle response and possible power increase in lower RPM's is tempting
  3. Yeah that's what I noticed. How is the upgrade? Need to get out to the track first then going to upgrade and see how it does
  4. So all in all, you like the upgrade? Trying to decide if I want to do it still. How much was the porting from Mamo?
  5. Please don't convert that truck a 4 speed.. Plenty of strong high HP builds on a 6l80e with relatively stock setup. Transcooler and a great TCM tune is all you need to make it live...
  6. It would be cool to see a L83 intake ported and compared to a stock L86. For $100 you can get a genuine L86 manifold new so it wouldn't be too costly of a comparison. I just don't want to pay for dyno time. Lol
  7. I think so. But still should see some decent gains with bolt ons only. I have a local single cab to me that has full bolt ons including this upgrade and he's running mid 13's. Going to take mine to the track when weather cooperates. I currently have 1 7/8" long tubes, y pipe, 3.5" exhaust and tuned on e85. Going to see what it runs then go back after L86 manifold/throttle body/ CAI upgrade and see what results are to come. Aiming for 13's. Mine is a crew cab though.
  8. Gwatney claims 9 rwhp/6rwtq on their dyno. Their ported intake made 17rwhp/9rwtq over the stock L83 intake. All while keeping the peak HP/TQ in the same RPM range as stock. But I have read it'll shift power a few hundred RPM's. For about $250 or cheaper it's not a bad upgrade at all. I'm sure the upgraded throttle body size is a bonus for throttle response also.
  9. Chris do you have any pics? That w8 is a decent sub and it might be a fun project adding 1 in the center console before I throw a couple subs under the back seat. Plan for right now is 4 DD 506'S but I might buy 1 now to throw in the console spot
  10. Hey guys.. Hate to be the guy but I curious what all I need for Apple Play and some of the iPhone features. My truck is a 2014 LTZ, I have nav (without having to buy it from OnStar), I have the weather app, and a few other small things and I'd like the Apple Play. What do I need to do this upgrade?
  11. I will have to pass. Looking at the Volant or S&B
  12. Not in the market quite yet.. But what's your price?
  13. Who all has swapped over to the L86 intake manifold and throttle body on their L83? Going to start ordering my parts soon and just curious on the upgrades. GPI claimed 9/6 RWHP/TQ stock and close to 20/15 RWHP/TQ to tire on a ported intake. My truck now has long tubes, y pipe, 3.5" exhaust and tune. I might do a minor port job on the intake. Considering the S&B CAI also but I'm not sold on one yet.
  14. Bohanan23


    Curious on the tune part with this CAI... Why wouldn't you be able to tweak the tune for it?
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