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  1. I have seen a few of these supposed $99 lease deals for 1CX aka Custom 2019/2020 Silverado. Does anyone on here actually have one of these lease and what did the payment end up being? $99 is cheap but there has to be a "got ya" some where. I qualify for everything listed. https://www.feldmanchevyoflansing.com/offerdetails-New-Lansing-Michigan-2020-SILVERADO-1CX-CREW-CAB-4X4-150730?gclid=CjwKCAiAhc7yBRAdEiwAplGxXyQTcl7_dJkIv7Bl6e-Pp63dgetCVTTbo0YEbTbilnEOVPDUZpRSyxoCxvEQAvD_BwE
  2. 2014. My seat rails have some rust and I have a few spots under that have rust. Given my high miles its alright. My truck sees mud, snow, motocross track, dirt roads, etc.
  3. Update for anyone that finds this in the future: Installed a new stock thermostat and housing as they wouldn't sell just the thermostat. Took a gallon and half of dex. When warming up the gauge goes to 210 now several minutes before the OBDII port COOLANT reports 205-210. Truck has really good heat now and temps appear to be in the ballpark of others I've looked at. The thermostat I took out appears to be stock and had 207 stamped on it. After 173k it was just getting tired apparently. $50 fix, well worth it.
  4. 2014 LTZ Crew Cab has 170,xxx. Few little things need to be fixed but so far so good. I would love to see how the valves look with that kind of mileage on a stock truck. On the spring fix list: fix AC, fix fog lights, new tires, lift kit. Asap: headlight bulbs. After driving wife’s new Traverse I feel like I have candle sticks in comparison. With 4000+ hours those headlights have been on quite a bit.
  5. After watching a few videos I am thinking someone put a 160 degree T stat in previously. Since I live in Michigan and I dont know 100% of the trucks history I will have to throw in a new one and fresh dex cool. Looks pretty simple, do you fill these newer trucks with the reservoir or the radiator first?
  6. I have no had it the whole time, I bought it used. I wanted the highest mileage LTZ I could find...let someone else take the depreciation.
  7. Driving my 2014 Silverado LTZ 5.3 I have noticed the coolant temp gauge shows much warmer temperatures than the OBD2 scan tool reports. while the gauge shows between 160 and 210 my hand held scanner shows live data of 150 ish. Do these trucks have two coolant temp sensors ? Where do your trucks run on the gauge ?
  8. I have the GM heavy duty "Splash Guards" that require drilling into your truck. They do a pretty good job containing the mess. That being said I have 275 55 20 Goodyear Duratrac so they are not as wide as what you are running. IMO they are the best of the available guards/mudflaps.
  9. I agree. Is there a discount on a 19 over a 20?
  10. My truck has 168k on it, thinking it’s time to replace the factory plugs. What are you running ? Should i stick with the stock AC Delco plugs?
  11. Do you guys really back up that much? My wife’s 19 camera is awesome but it’s 5 years newer than my 14 LTZ. I’m only in reverse for 20 seconds at most so not a big deal to me.
  12. Are you able to get your lift and wheels off it? Id hate to leave that on the table with their low offer. Hopefully they make it right and get you into a 19.
  13. Got my windows tinted. Makes such a big difference. 2014 LTZ
  14. I like the looks of the new truck- in certain trim levels. The interior seems extremely similar to me and if you compare like models aka LTZ to LTZ things seem reasonable IMO. Where they screwed the pooch is price and ride. For the little cost increase ton GM they could have put Bilstein on ever one of these trucks RST and above. I feel that would have solved many people’s complaints. But instead they put a kids trampoline shock on and want everyone to drop 50k. I also think its crazy that the custom trim level doesn’t get radio control on the steering wheel. That should be standard.
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