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  1. I'll check the trans harness thoroughly this weekend. I have also seen that the neutral safety switch could be causing this. This has happened in the past before I even fooled with the TC, at least twice that I can remember. In both cases I just turned the truck off, turned the key back on, waited a few seconds and started it up and it was fine again. Any thoughts on that being a possibility?
  2. @Brian715 I've crawled through that same thread a few times already, and about to to it again ha. @davester I got the aluminium housing with the metal clips for the pump , It's supposed to take care of the pump rub problem. We'll see. As far as the wire harness I went ahead and replaced it , the whole thing looked very old and brittle. I guess I'm gonna have to find a shop in my area to check those codes for me, I called one shop that had nothing but great reviews and he told me it would be $350 for a diagnosic! I was like nahhhh I'm good.
  3. yes, harness is connected to the trans harness. I never pulled the reluctor wheel out of the transfer case, just replaced the housing, so it should still be centered, in fact I do have a pic of it because I wanted to make sure there wasn't any contact between it and the speed sensor , and the only way to look at it was to reach around with my phone and take a pic. It does kinda look off... but I'm pretty sure that's due to the angle of the pic.
  4. Hi, I recently pulled my t-case and replaced the housing on it due to the pump rub issue. After re-installing everything was fine for about 1 mile then the abs light came on and I got "service brakes " message and my speedo quit working, which also causes my trans to shift hard and erradictly . Long story short.... I've checked all the fuses , replaced the speed senor in the t-case (as far as I know this is the only one the truck has , it's a base work truck trim) and the wiring harness to the t -case and speed sensor, and no dice. The only codes that it is showing on the reader at the local Oreilly's is mass airflow and knock sensor. 4x4 still engages fine, the motor in the front axle works too. Btw, It's a 2003 2500hd 4x4 6.0 Silverado base work truck. If anyone has any info on this matter that could help I would sure appreciate it , thanks. Quote Edit
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    Hi, I recently pulled my t-case and replace

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