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  1. How old is your battery? I have heard this is an issue when your battery is close to dying.
  2. Hi everyone I am new to forum, and I am having issues with my 2015 Silverado's 6L80. I recently got a check engine light for a PO700- Transmission Control System and a PO741- Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Circuit Performance or Stuck Off. My shift points were much longer in between points and the shifts were not as smooth. I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow and the light has disappeared and the truck was shifting normal again on my drive to work. On my commute back home towards the end of my commute the transmission went back to shifting at longer points and would run at a much higher RPM however no check engine light. When I take it to the dealer tomorrow and if they are not able to replicate the issue are they able to look at the history of check engine codes and see that this code has appeared on the system? I do have pictures of the tester screen showing the codes that appeared when I tested it. Has anyone ever have had an issue like this?
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