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  1. I had an Extremely Bad experience with these guys back in 04, and there was a thread called BEWARE of TruckAddons with tons of Horror stories about this business. must have been deleted over the years but seems like the same old story with them. Hopefully they are indeed out of business but I have seen the website and it still looks active ! I know this is from 2014 but it brings back some memories for sure !!
  2. 2019 Colorado LT here.....just about 250 miles and no trouble yet !! Haha ! Had no idea there was problems with the 8 speed. I was a Toyota Rav 4 owner before this until I was rear ended and was put in a Colorado rental for 2 weeks. I absolutely loved it, traded my Rav in on the Colorado 2 weeks later and here I am. hopefully the tranny thing doesnt bite me in the ass. I did test drive a CPO 16 Colorado with 20k miles on it that drove like it was beat to shit, hated the 6 speed. Then tested a 17 Canyon SLT that had 24k on it and it also shifted a little funky so I opted for new.
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