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  1. I solved it too, I lease so I get a new one every 3 years. I also don’t see them rusting out in 5 years and I live next door in Ohio.
  2. Your dealer ripped you off, should've came with a bag with 14 square nuts, 14 screws, 2 retaining washers and 4 plastic nuts. Cost $150 straight from GM delivered to your dealer. You can download the instructions with all the contents listed if you just go to chevy.com and look up the liners under owners section and go to accessories. The instructions are bad but they do get you the general idea. ISheets_84263803.pdf
  3. I ordered the Westin Pro Traxx 4 in black for my white Silverado and had one side just about installed when I noticed I ordered them for the crew cab instead of for my double cab. I was able to see that the black is going to look great with the white truck once I get the right size. It looks like the r5's install the same way. Installation is pretty simple and I really like the fact that they give you the plastic pieces that cover up the mounting brackets. Looks much better than the pictures I've seen of similar Lund nerf bars with the thin mounting brackets showing. As far as quality, the Pro Traxx 4 are very nice and seemed well built, so I would imagine the r5 or r7 would be good quality.
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