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  1. Your local line-x will order it in for you...lower price if you install it
  2. I’m not home to take a picture at the moment....I did not ask about the LXP model because I wanted the matte finish not the glossy black. The Stealth is actually made by Bak (MX4) model...I assume the LXP model is made by the same company. Just a different badge on both models. U need to call a line x dealer and ask the differences. i did not want the gloss black so I didn’t inquire about it at all. Sorry!!
  3. Truck Gear by Line x stealth...same as bak mx 4 but comes with a lifetime warranty!! Matte finish as well
  4. Dealer had a black pin stripe on the incandescent pearl LTZ I bought. First thing I removed after purchasing it...looks so much better. Just my opinion!! Lot of people like them.
  5. I installed this antenna...looks factory and 13” tall...reception is great!!
  6. I have the Molded ones that do not flare out...IMO they look good and seem to do a good job!!
  7. I bought the truck gear by line-x TG96410T Stealth hard folding cover. The cover is matte black and the same as the Bakflip MX4 with the Truck Gear Badge on it but with a better warranty. Fit and finish seems great but can’t testify yet if it leaks...just installed it.
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