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  1. Sounds worse but with some effort, it is easy to fix faulty speakers. However, if you notice that voice coil has burned then it would be challenging to repair.
  2. I am not much satisfied with customer service of OReillys. Better to look for any other auto retailer.
  3. Did you inject the fuel at wrong time? I think you should recheck the fuel lines, fuel injectors and spark plugs. Fouled plugs could also be a reason of hard start. If you still unable to fix it then better to contact with any auto expert or can call mechanic.
  4. I think it is an Iridium spark plug? Am I right? Because it is just looking like the spark plug of ACDelco. Basically, ACDelco is listed among the best spark plugs by various auto reviewers but if we talk about its con then you should keep in mind, it is not pre-gapped. However, if you ask me about the best spark plugs then I would suggest Platinum alloy one like Bosch because it is inexpensive and pre-gapped one.
  5. Roma, I love Italy. It's architecture, pizzas and lovely people.
  6. Vlogs and starting a blog could be good ideas to generate income but you will have to work hard in this regard. What about opening a car detailing shop in spare time?
  7. Long drives and watching horror movies. However, if my budget allows then I love to attend exciting music concerts. This time, I am gathering money to attend any of the upcoming concerts of Louisiana and gathering information from here ( https://concerts50.com/upcoming-concerts-in-louisiana ). Probably, I would like to with a cheap one. On the other hand, I am also going to use my passion for cars and planning to start my car blog to share car detailing tips with readers.
  8. Thank you. Eastwood Rally Wheel Silver Paint is looking good but I think stain black would also be a good choice.
  9. I purchased wheel grease remover and after removing all grease now planning to buy paint for wheels. To make my work easy, I am looking to take a good spray paint for wheels. That's why reading the reviews of the best ones ( https://carlifeguru.com/best-spray-paint-for-wheels ) from here. I am willing to buy VHT Aluminum Wheel spray paint because it has step-by-step paint instructions on the can.
  10. Here are a few suggestions from top brands for you: Furrion 729125 Vision DohonesBest LeeKooLuu Wireless
  11. If you are in the United States and doing this trucking business then why don't you prefer electronic logging devices? I think it is a better idea to install FMCSA approved ELDs instead of installing only GPS trackers. ELDs also offer GPS service.
  12. Wow! it's looking great but yes, we have the plan to visit Yellowstone next month with family. Let's see if my husband gets 2 weeks leave.
  13. I recently purchased Fitbit Blaze and its working incredibly.
  14. Finally, its spring. Come with a recent photo.
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