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  1. Thanks. I did also just replace tranny filter and fluid. It’s due again but last time I did it it all looked normal. Had very fine metal shavings but nothing big. I guess I’ll plan to swap the axles next.
  2. I’m not sure it is axles. My fear is that it might be in the transmission, but it still does it when I hold it in 5th on the highway so I’m hoping it’s the axles. Do you know a way to check the axles so I don’t keep throwing money at it? I replaced all my front end components because of a squeak in the front end I couldn’t pin down. I don’t want to do all that again in the rear end if I can avoid it.
  3. It has 265/55/20 Nitto Terra Grapplers, bilstein 5100 ride height adjustable shocks set on the second highest setting in the front for level. I recently replaced the upper and lower control arms, outer tie rod ends and steering knuckles. I’ve also replaced the rear driveshaft u-joints recently.
  4. I have a 2014 Sierra Z71 that occasionally vibrates on the highway. The vibration is very similar to the sound and feel of driving across the slow down grooves in the highway. It does it randomly, even when I put it in manual 5th gear. I am thinking it may be in my rear axles, so I was wondering how to troubleshoot my rear end myself.
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