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  1. That's pretty funny since I was driving back to Northern CA. The campground is Lud Drexler Park. It's $5 a night, but there are no hookups if you're planning to bring an RV trailer. There is potable water and pit toilets. Seems like there is decent fishing there too since several people at the campground were there with boats, but I didn't have my gear with me at the time to find out.
  2. It's Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir in southern Idaho.
  3. From my roadtrip home after buying it out of state. Took the dealer mudflaps off as soon as I got home.
  4. You can get it on an SLT. I recently bought one for $46.2K pre tax that was sticker priced at $59.8K and had a lot more in terms of features than what you need. Using GMC's website you can build a 4x4 crew cab SLT with bucket seats and a center console for a sticker price of $51,460 for a short box or $51,760 for a standard box. The only package option you would need is the "SLT Convenience Package" which adds the bucket seats and console plus some more nice features like power silding on the rear window and heated & ventilated front seats. If you can find one on a dealer's lot towards the end of the month with just those options you could probably get it for under $40K.
  5. Picked up a 2019 Sierra SLT today. MSRP was $59,810 and was able to get the price down to $ 47,200 before TTL
  6. Yeah the only question is how much highers is the refi rate compared to the new loan rate. Over the lifetime of the payments I think you still end up paying about $500 more overall even if the price starts $1K lower.
  7. Yeah I'm in the military so while I'm not currently living there it is my home of record so I can still title and register my vehicles there. I always have to do research though because I usually end up buying my vehicles from out of state and have to research their tax laws to make sure I don't end up paying their sales tax. Yeah I'm sure I could get a slightly better deal somewhere else, but by the time I would pay for a plane ticket and gas to road trip back home I think the deal is pretty good. I'll probably be picking the truck up next weekend.
  8. I'm currently looking at a 2019 Sierra SLT with the SLT Premium Plus Package, X31 Offroad, Sun roof, and Dark Sky Metallic Paint (love the color) MSRP is $59,810. Current Dealer offer is $47,299 which includes the $1,000 for financing through GM. I'll probably go with other financing which would put it at $ 48,299 so a little over $10k off MSRP before any trade, title or license (I'm a montana resident so no sales tax. Always nice saving $4k+ on tax). What are your guys thoughts?
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