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  1. Picked up a 2019 Sierra SLT today. MSRP was $59,810 and was able to get the price down to $ 47,200 before TTL
  2. Yeah the only question is how much highers is the refi rate compared to the new loan rate. Over the lifetime of the payments I think you still end up paying about $500 more overall even if the price starts $1K lower.
  3. Yeah I'm in the military so while I'm not currently living there it is my home of record so I can still title and register my vehicles there. I always have to do research though because I usually end up buying my vehicles from out of state and have to research their tax laws to make sure I don't end up paying their sales tax. Yeah I'm sure I could get a slightly better deal somewhere else, but by the time I would pay for a plane ticket and gas to road trip back home I think the deal is pretty good. I'll probably be picking the truck up next weekend.
  4. I'm currently looking at a 2019 Sierra SLT with the SLT Premium Plus Package, X31 Offroad, Sun roof, and Dark Sky Metallic Paint (love the color) MSRP is $59,810. Current Dealer offer is $47,299 which includes the $1,000 for financing through GM. I'll probably go with other financing which would put it at $ 48,299 so a little over $10k off MSRP before any trade, title or license (I'm a montana resident so no sales tax. Always nice saving $4k+ on tax). What are your guys thoughts?

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