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  1. I placed an order at my local dealer for a SLT a couple weeks ago with tech package. Put down the deposit and everything. They called me yesterday saying my order couldn’t be completed due to tech package not being available on anything but the Denali and AT4. So +1 that it cannot be added to the SLT, unfortunately.
  2. Has anyone mounted a light bar in the grill of their new trucks? I’m looking to mount a brighter light for driving at nighttime. I’d like to see a picture, the brand of the light, and if you had trouble mounting it with the actuators in the grill or not? I specifically have an AT4, but I’m also curious if it’s been done to other models. Thanks.
  3. Agree. Antenna will touch every joist but the roof will not have any problems.
  4. I have the same cover and like it a lot. It’s what I spent my gm rewards on. I wish there was a way to keep it propped up without touching the rear window of the truck but oh well. Like everyone says, it’s easy to just remove it when you have to.
  5. Finally someone that also noticed. I wasn’t complaining but more concerned that it wasn’t supposed to be that loud and the last thing I want is to go get my speakers replaced. I love the sound of the Bose system in these trucks and it’s nice to have the extra volume if it were ever needed.
  6. Yes. I still don’t like the idea of any contact on a long trip such as when I have a snowmachine in the bed. Ill probably just take it out at times like that.
  7. I have an AT4 with the Bose sound system and there is no reason for me to ever go above 1/3 volume. Maybe I will go to half if I’m all by myself..... I thought it it had something to do with my phone being connected to Bluetooth but nope, switched to radio and same thing. Ive never turned it to full volume, worried the speakers might blow. anyone else notice this?
  8. Not the best picture but I recently installed the GM - REV tri fold hard cover. I’m really impressed with the fit and it keeps more water out than I thought it would. However, when it is folded all the way open (against the rear window) there is no locking mechanism to keep it from rubbing on the window/paint. I wish it came with a more secure mechanism that could hold it vertical without touching the truck.
  9. Arrived in Alaska 70 days after placing my order. Made sure to get the body color wheel arch moldings as well as the center console gun safe. Loving it.
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