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  1. No and none of the companies doing similar set ups seem to require it. The CVs are definitely angled but from other trucks I have seen it seem minimal.
  2. No problem on the questions. They don't show a specific c/o kit for the 19, but they have King build and tune them to match for you once ordered. Here is a link to the uppers. https://www.bajakits.com/i-31570226-19-silverado-sierra-1500-4wd-upper-arm.html?ref=category:1459192 I am running the full 3". I have been letting them settle before I adjust again. I am coming down about a 1/2" in the front. Although CV angles are pretty good and the truck drives great. JT at Baja Kits is awesome. Great customer service and they get back to you with any questions very quickly.
  3. 17" Method MR 312s. 35/12.5/17 KO2s, Baja Kits Chase Kit Suspension (Front King coilovers w/remote reservoirs, boxed upper control arms, rear Kings w/remotes, 1" lift rear) . No rubbing.
  4. You will read 4mph slow. Just keep that in mind for oil change intervals and or speed limits and you are good! I have owned 58 vehicles in my life and have never been denied a warranty claim due to wheels and tires of any size. Never have I had a warranty issue deemed to be caused by wheels, tires or suspension.
  5. I am definitely a form follows function guy. I wanted a fast dirt road truck that wasn't too over the top for the street. I wasn't going to do an upgrade unless it helped the truck in terms of functionality. I went with the Baja Kits Chase kit (Baja Kits Control arms, BK's King 2.5 Remote reservoir coilovers, BK's rear remote reservoirs and 35/12.5/17 KO2s). About 3in in front and nothing in rear. Adding a 1" of lift in rear via Deavers/block. Incredible ride for sure. The quality of Baja Kits and King stuff is just over the top. Customer service is top notch as well over at Brenthal/Baja Kits. Btw, Wheels are bronze Method MR312 in 17s. Super dirty so hard to tell in this photo. Thanks for looking and have a blessed week!
  6. Thanks. Im super pleased with this truck. It is the Baja Kits Chase Kit. Box welded upper control arms, King Coilovers with remote reservoirs and King rears. Wheels are Method MR312 with 35s.
  7. Only thing I have done this week was get my truck dirty by driving a 100 miles of back country roads at speed. Got to love good suspension.
  8. Nice looking brakes! I am running 17s with 35s so no big brakes for me or else I would be doing those. I just put on the Baja Kits Chase kit with King COs and remote resies so I really need to get those Amp Research boards on. The extra 3.5 inches with the 35s makes it tough for my wife to jump in without putting her feet on the plastic door jam. I am completely meticulous and it drives me nuts seeing that plastic get scratched or dirty.
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