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  1. He claimed it addressed the climate control error too. Only time will tell. I've only had the climate control error once I believe.
  2. Had this happen to me today when I was trying to sleep before class. Will have to try the neutral trick next time. Disappointing this is not a feature that can be turned off.
  3. Got my AT4 reprogrammed today with this service bulletin.
  4. Just had the truck serviced and mentioned how the pad life is incorrect. They claim GM is aware of the issue but no remedy is available yet.
  5. Had my AT4 serviced today and they reprogrammed BCM according to service bulletin # PIT5651B. This also supposedly fixes the climate control showing off on the screen when it's on.
  6. Ok, just got my truck serviced today due to this issue along with the service steering column lock. They claim that service bulletin PIT5651B fixed the issue. They reprogrammed my computer and claim this should resolve the issue.
  7. My AT4 started doing this tonight. Bought truck 6/20/19 and only have 800 miles on it.
  8. I'm on mobile but posted the link a couple pages back.
  9. That's good you are holding strong. They make money regardless as GM pays them for moving the vehicles. They just are not seeing the profit they want from you. Let them get that off another customer not as educated.
  10. I've used that spreadsheet on my wife's car and my car. Worked both times. Don't let the dealer jack you around. They need to sell the vehicle more than you need it. This is how they get their bonuses from the manufacturer etc. My fully loaded AT4 came to $53284 and some change and they took my offer to the penny. You need to ask them if everyone gets all the incentives and what is actually included in that money they are offering. Some of those discounts could be if you have a lease etc.
  11. Hell, I had a call yesterday asking if I had purchased a truck yet. Told the guy, sure did. It's the end of the month, keep holding out and stand firm.
  12. No problem. Toward the end of the month you might get some emails calls as they are trying to meet goals. Good luck and look forward to the news.
  13. With the link you sent, I'm getting a price of $53,284 (calculating a 3% fair profit margin) with the $7587 total incentives. Invoice for the options on that vehicle comes to $9461. Some of these high volume dealerships get better incentives depending on how many vehicles they can move. Stand your ground. It took several weeks for a dealership to take my offer. These dealerships also get a set amount of money per month that they can play with to put toward vehicles to reduce the cost. My thought process was I don't need this vehicle but they need to sell the vehicle.
  14. Post the link to the truck and let me take a look.
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