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  1. Sounds like you also got exactly what you wanted. If I could have found one I would have bought a 1972 Chevy truck like I had when I was younger but they have outpriced themselves and my wife, the boss, wanted me to get a new truck to carry me into retirement which is only 4 years away. Knowing I keep trucks at least ten years it ought to last
  2. I have seen this place and it’s only about 4 hours from me. Have looked at a lot of cat back systems that are already made but don’t like the sound of them and have always had custom made. They will probably be looked at more before I get exhaust done
  3. Only found one thing besides exhaust I want and that would be leather seats but will be doing a Katzkin leather seat cover swap. I usually am slow on purchases and I figure about a month from now I will find a kit and an upholstery shop to do it and then find a good muffler shop as my old muffler I have used for 40 years retired finally. If anyone knows a good shop around Houston Texas let me know or I might have to go past Dallas a I found a good looking shop around there
  4. I am looking at leather options on my truck and have been looking at Katzkin. I have found a few places that sell them and has anyone ever installed seat covers on their truck or is it easier to pay and have it done. If anyone has used Katzkin how did you like them. Thanks
  5. Well I finally got off of working nights and looked back on my window sticker and on the right side of it shows LT plus and has a listing of all the extras I got so I am guessing I got a truck with a lot of checked boxes which is always a plus for me. Thanks for the quick responses
  6. Mitchely03 yeah I guess I cheaped out on the mirrors, hahaha. I did figure out last night at work how to open all windows at once, doesn’t seem to take a lot to impress me though
  7. Thanks for the reply, I believe I got a good truck and couldn’t believe all the extras on it compared to the others on the lot. Always trying to get the best deal and I believe I did this time
  8. Hello I am new to this site as I became the new owner of a 2018 Silverado crew cab LT and had a question of what model I actually got. I love the truck as I traded my 2007 Silverado classic for it. I looked through the whole lot which has 25 trucks left and found this one that had way more than what I thought I would get. My truck came with power sliding back window, trailer brake controller, tilt telescoping steering wheel, bucket seats with center console, dual zone ac, heated seats, back glass defogger, and fog lights, electric adjustable pedals. This is the only truck on the lot that had everything on it and they were selling it 1000 over the other trucks. Thought I got a good deal at 32000 and just wanted to know as an LT is this normally how they came or could this have been an upgraded truck. I am going to put Katzkin leather on it and only things I can think I don’t have on it are power mirrors with that annoying little light in the mirror and a sunroof. Sorry so long but it’s my first time here kevin
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