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  1. The passenger side mat has a lip that will not go under the box unless cut. How it worked for me anyway.
  2. Stupid these mats are vehicle specific and you have to cut for fit. Love the front mats but taking rear mats back to the dealer. Disappointed!
  3. Good point but thimble is a bit over blown. LOL
  4. My 2019 SLT was assembled in Mexico. Not what I would have wanted for sure but what I ended up with. My wife's 2013 Cadi Srx was assembled in Mexico as well. Have had no issues on the SRX and have not noticed anything on the SLT. Keep the fingers crossed. Will have to check but I am pretty sure my Harley was assembled in the good ole USA.
  5. This is the one issue that I noticed before purchase. The seat is very firm compared to the Ford Lariat I was driving. After driving the Sierra for a month I don't have any problems associated with firm seat. Good to go. Love the truck and the seat!
  6. Does this mod have any chance of affecting warranty?
  7. 2019 Gmc Sierra 1500 SLT 4wd X31 5.3L No Sunroof 50,500 OTD
  8. I have drove two Fords for the last 20 years with no major mechanical issues and liked the styling. My last being a 2008 Ford F150 Lariat with 165k on it. Time for a new truck! I have been researching for the last several months and to me it came down to exterior styling. I just loved the looks of the Gmc Sierra 1500 SLT 4wd. Yes the Ford and the Ram had higher end looking interiors but have never liked the exterior of the Rams. The Fords exterior has not changed since I bought the 2008. After owning the GMC for two weeks I like the setup of the interior controls. The seats are much firmer than the ford but not a deal breaker. Just have to hope like hell I get the same reliability I received from my last two Fords. My first vehicle was a 1969 Z28 in 1976. Made the full circle back to GM! Just realized this is an old thread. My bad. New to forum
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