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  1. Yeah, That's exactly wondering about. They obviously put in some design time in air flow management with the side vents etc. I guess I will drive a bit with it off and see what gives.
  2. Has anyone experienced any adverse effects from the the removal of the front air dam? My truck looks good without it! Its no Trail Boss, but it is certainly on the board of directors of dirt roads!
  3. I would second the advice on getting the truck you like. Any level of trim you get would pull that pop-up just fine, even a 2wd work truck. I pulled a 4900 lb. travel trailer with a 2wd express 1500 conversion van for years. I am pulling that same trailer with a LT Z7, advance trailering (not Max) with no trouble.
  4. That is a good idea. It just looks like they wanted something specific to be "mounted" there.
  5. What is the pocket and clip for on the inside of the lid of the jumpseat armrest?
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