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  1. Keep in mind, the body's will have slight variations after being hung- not all trucks will be the same. What I did, was measure the rocker panel (body panel under the doors) and leveled it. I had a 1 3/4 inch rake in my truck, from front to back. After leveling the rocker panel I ended up with a 1/2 inch rake, which I can live with. If I had leveled the wheel wells, my rockers would be going slightly up hill. I read where a lot of people say to use a 2" kit but I would bet a lot of those trucks are going slightly uphill. I ended up using a 1" kit (5/8" spacer). Sadly I don't remember the brand of the kit that was used on the front. Sorry.
  2. I have factory 18's on my 2018 truck. I usually run 35 psi cold and notice a 3-4 psi rise after driving in the Summer. Likewise, I've only seen a 1-2 psi rise in pressure so far this Fall season in Ga. the tires run smooth and have even wear so far.
  3. I've never used the rear defrost in any of my trucks so I just pulled the fuse.
  4. I took the lower part off of mine and like the look, as it doesn't look so low to the ground. I think it was about 15 screws. So far as the damage - my son did something similar to his 07. We just added a fender washer under the plastic and reattached it. If necessary, you may need to use a small bolt through the washer.
  5. I have 2018 Silverado crew cab 4wd. I had a 1 3/4" rake measuring the wheel well openings but only a 1" rake measuring the rocker panels. So I installed a 1" level kit to make the rocker panel level. Now I have a 1/2" rake between the wheel wells ( barely noticeable) but the rocker panels are level and not going uphill. Not all bodies are hung the same so you may need something different from other people.
  6. Nice looking truck. What size tires and wheels?
  7. Best of both worlds, then. Let the truck sit in the sun and get hot, then pull it in the shade to do the work.
  8. I hear a lot of people say that it's attached with two sided tape . Mine wasn't. Mine was attached with a mastic-type adhesive. i would be cautious using a heat gun to soften the adhesive unless someone on here has done it with success (without damaging the paint/clear coat)
  9. This is a true statement on the 2014-18's, can't say for the 19's. Most people measure the wheel well openings, which may cause that look, as they may not be cut the same. I measured the rocker panel and leveled it. I ended up with 1/2" rake out of the factory 1 3/4 stock rake. I can live with that
  10. Use fishing line and saw back and forth. Then carefully buff the residue off. I removed my bow tie on the tailgate but not the names on the sides (yet).
  11. Bought a 2018 Silverado Z71 All Star in November. The first thing I did was remove the lower front air dam Removed the back bowtie and blacked out the front one Next, tinted the front two windows to match the back doors. Added a drivers side assist handle. Added a bed mat Lifted the rocker panel (1") to level which left me with a 1/2" rake Added a diamond plate toolbox painted Summit White to match the truck Removed factory running boards and added AMP powersteps Last thing done was a 5% strip across the top of the windshield. On the front end, I either want to add the LTZ chrome strips to the grill or remove the lower chrome mustache Then comes the big ticket items of wheels and tires.
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