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  1. @ausomecasey As far as comfort and ride quality there is no change, I actually like it better because your sitting higher and can see more especially at intersections.There is a slight power loss with weight of the tires but the truck still gets up and goes with no issues. It’s minimal. I’m very happy with my setup as I prefer a more stock look.
  2. 2 inch Southern Truck Level (Lower strut) 20 inch Stock wheels 285 60 20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers (no rub) Also took off Air Dam today(looks way better)
  3. updated with 285 60 20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. No rubbing
  4. 2019 RST Z71 2 inch Southern Truck Level Stock 20 inch Wheels 285 60 20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers No Rub!!! ?
  5. That truck looks good with that tire set up ??. 285 65 20. I got a 19RST with a 2 inch southern truck level kit and went to discount today. They are getting some 285 60 20(33.46 inch tires) Nitto Ridge Grapplers in on Monday which I am going to test fit to see if I like it. I’m not wanting any rubbing. I’ll post pics if I end up getting them.
  6. 2019 RST Z71 2 inch Southern Truck Level kit lower strut mounted paid $395 out the door with alignment at local shop which did my last truck. My Closest dealership was using exact same level kit but charging $695 plus tax. Called another dealership they were using DayStar 2 inch level kit and wanted $500 plus tax. So they all use different level kits and there is no GM level kit. (They do have the 2 inch GM lift kit). Measured this kit on level ground and is actually perfectly level. Ride Quality the same and no noises. Just got it put on today So not sure as far as G
  7. Have a 19 RST no sunroof and have heard the pop sounds on several occasions but not all the time. Dropped my truck off yesterday at 7am to get a few things looked at since my brakes were making noise and the brake life is down low already after 1300 miles. They fixed all that pretty quickly but told me they needed it overnight to figure out what was going on with the pop noise. It was suppose to be ready today around noon but when i called they said they were on the phone trying to talk with technical support to figure out what was causing it. I even showed them all the comments on the forum t
  8. My name is Jay. Have been in Texas most my life in the DFW area. Have a 2019 Silverado RST Z71 Crew Cab and also a 1984 C-10 Short Bed both blue. Haven’t done much yet to the 19 besides put a shorty antenna on it lol. Plan on leveling it out and putting some more aggressive looking tires. Then Cold Air Intake and Exhaust like I had on my 17.
  9. Those 6 inch lifts look great and makes sense as far as the money part. I really want to stick with a 33 inch all-terrain prb nitro ridge grappler for gas and cost purposes. Also I’m wanting to stick with my stock 20 inch wheels if possible. Not a deal breaker though. I appreciate all of your inputs and it all makes sense. I had the RC 2.5 Inch level kit on my 2017 and loved that look. Was looking to kind of stay with that type of set up. Wanting my truck to fit in the garage still lol since we get hail in my area from time to time. Eventually when I get some land in the country I prb will get
  10. So I have a 2019 Silverado Crew Cab RST Z71. I got this over the Trail Boss to Save money($4-6K). What I’m wondering is can I order the Trail Boss Lift through GM(2 inches) and then add a level kit to it? I see the GM Lift is $1300 and Level kit maybe $50-$100, plus have them install. I’m also wanting to still use my stock 20 inch wheels with this kit. I would imagine this route I shouldn’t have any issue with the warranty. Maybe a $2K cost at most. Then obviously I would get bigger tires. I personally didn’t like the wheels on the stock trail boss. I know there are cheaper lifts out there but
  11. I got a shorty off of amazon and it works good so far. I live in the city (DFW) so cant speak for it working out in the country but will update once i get that experience. The one i got was easy install. Unscrew stock one and screw this one right on. I have been able to get all my stations FM/AM along with everything with no issues. Sound Quality is exact same. I did keep my stock one just in case but all the reviews were good on this one. I’ll post pic below.
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