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  1. Alright believe I found some info. Looks like I want to wire in my Vout from sensor to pin 56 on my ECM then mess with a few things on my tune file... All parts on order except the fuel filter, here we go Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. Hey all i have a procharger kit on order here for my 07 silverado classic. i have the L59 flex fuel motor. I believe mine has the virtual sensor set up which reads the ethanol content on the o2 sensors. dont see any content sensor after my fuel tank... unless its well hidden ontop of the tank? looking for some insight on this. id like to run e85 on my supercharger set up. from looking around the virtural sensor set up isnt ideal. so is there a way i can run an ac delco content sensor on this? i see the option on my HP tuner so there must be a way? or am i stuck with this virtural sensor set up?
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