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  1. I have found a few 5.3. i know someone who can do the tune to 5.3. That is what i was think was just pull the 4.8 and swap a 5.3. while i have it apart put a new clutch in it and a few other things that need to be done.
  2. I have a 2000 silverado 4.8. It has a misfire that you can feel and see on the misfire counter on a snap-on solus scanner. No codes. i did a tune up 2 months ago. i tried moving the plug to another cylinder with the wire and coil misfire stayed at the original cylinder. i did a compression test all cylinders except #7 was 135psi. 7 was 60psi added oil it went up to 70psi. let it sit for a few hours and came back rechecked number 7 and it was up to 135psi. Rechecked this morning and still at 135psi. just wanting peoples opinion on what could be wrong or what i should check next? the truck has 272000 on it. if it went up more right away i would say rings for sure but it taking hours to come back up to compression.
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