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  1. Why is it your so concerned about potential buyers. With all the issues these 50 to 70k trucks are having potential buyers should be freaked out or they could end up like me with a 70k lemon
  2. I just purchased a 2019 high country w the 6.2 and am having motor problems 3 days after I picked it up and has been at dealer since. They asked me if I noticed any white smoke because that could be a sign of coolant leaking into cylinder. My check engine light is on tho and would think yours would be too if that was the case.
  3. I tried, at this point dealer is unwilling to go that route YET. I have to wait the 25 days out of service to pursue lemon law.
  4. My 2019 silverado 6.2 less than 500 miles is having a cold start misfire. I've only had the truck for 3 days. 4900 misfires on cylinder 4. Dealer has tested injectors and cylinder per gm. They have also gone over all wiring and reprogrammed . Now GM wants then to replace computer which is on backorder and no clue when it will be available. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions for me.
  5. I've had a 2019 Silverado 1500 6.2 for 4 days and am getting a rough idle cold start and p050d code. 226miles. How can that be possible.
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