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  1. Same thing with my 2019 RST... I went to pick it up from the warranty work and trim work was all jacked up next to the back window on both sides. Also the B-pilliars on each side had some of the airbag sticking out at the roof line. I was also leary about having the warranty work done right away and waited awhile to take it in. Wasn't long enough apparently. I smiled and said nope! Get me a rental and call me when it's right which they did eventually. Unreal on $50k plus truck... Ugh
  2. RPO code: RD4 Argent Metallic color. Hope this helps and let me know if you find the paint. I have the same wheels on my RST.
  3. @truck_newbie I have a 01/19 Mexico Truck with the AAJF SU4 American Axle GM part# 84605752 one. Hope this helps. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. Cargo nets. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. Back seat (Crew Cab) That back seat liner comes in 2 pieces and interlocks with the tabs in the middle of the truck. I have that cloth covered cargo holder and had to take that out first. (take the jack out of passenger side cargo and take 1 screw out on the drivers side cargo area) Then take the brand new liner and cut out a small section around where the jack stand mounts to the truck (Not very cool to have to cut a brand new $$$ GM liner!) Then lay down the new liner (Interlock the 2 pieces) and re install the cargo holder. I left PLENTLY of room from where I trimmed the new lin
  6. 2019 RST Z-71 with center console. Drivers Side with no liner, liner and overlap of liner on sill plate (About 1/2" to 3/4"). The dealership told me that GM and Weathertech could NOT come to an agreement so... GM found another company to make them just like Weathertec does (Laser measurements etc...) I feel that the GM ones do a very good job on coverage but haven't been tested through a Michigan winter yet... That will be the true test with all the snow/salt mix lol
  7. Do you have a center console on you 2019 GMC? I have one in my truck and got a set of front and back GM all weather liners. They cover everything pretty well and Ill try and get some pictures posted for you.
  8. Haha I hear ya! The chrome exhaust tips on my silver RST drive me NUTS!!! lol
  9. Hey guys FYI, 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Midnight, Rally Editions Debut in Texas. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/best-car-infotainment-systems/ The Midnight edition looks will only be available on the Silverado Custom Trail Boss and LT Trail Boss models. Thus, the Midnight edition package handles the off-round side of things. The Rally edition will pair with the Silverado Custom and RST trims for a more street-focused appeal.
  10. Silver Ice metallic... First time I've had ceramic coating done on any vehicle I've had. Paint correction and ceramic coating done by a professional... 5 years of shine and protection! Took him 2 and a half days to do it which I was fine with after seeing the finished product. Like Mountain Boy already said...Worth every penny!!! The picture doesn't do the shine justice but I'm extremely happy with the end result and 5 years of protection!
  11. That's exactly what I was thinking! That the AAHD went to Indiana while the AAJF went South of the border to Mexico. Not much difference at all. Yes I do have the 2-speed transfer case and believe it comes with the Z-71 package that way. The non Z-71 RST's have the 1-speed case if I remember correctly. Do you know when your build date was?
  12. My Chevy RST-Z71 5.3, 8-speed, Crew Cab, 01/19 build date made at the Mexico plant has the AAJF one.
  13. I sure as heck hope the AAJF one is not for the 4cyl, or 6.2 or 6, 10-speed trans. Because... This picture was snapped today under my 2019 5.3 Ecotec3 / 8-speed RST-Z71 lol My truck shows that it was built 01/19 at the Mexico plant. Im still waiting on the build sheet with the RPO codes on it and assume it will have the "SU4" code for the American axle built one. Hopefully this helps
  14. Yes its located under the Truck. From the drivers side crawl under your truck and look for the drivers side tire (D.S.T. / Red Arrow in picture) half shaft going into the front differential. The sticker is between the skid plate and bottom of the front differential (Red circle in picture) Z06JPB posted a picture of the AAHD one. GM Part# 84557635 This is a picture of the AAJF one. GM Part# 84605752 The web site for the AAJF one GM Part# 84605752 https://www.bonanza.com/listings/New-Gm-Oemgmc-Sierra-1500-Denali-19-20-Silverado-1500-Front-Axle-Diff
  15. You can get them... In the Middle East that is... https://plants.gm.com/media/me/en/gm/news.detail.html/content/Pages/news/me/en/2019/chevrolet/07-03-silverado-rst-trail-boss-regular-cab.html
  16. I had a 2015 LT "Shakearado" that would coat the interior with whatever drink you had in the cup holder at highway speeds. Got a new new 19 RST Z71 crew cab (Mexico build) 2 weeks ago... First thing I did was the "Coffee" test. Grabbed a large coffee with no lid from the showroom wating area and took a test drive. I went down the highway at all different speeds. Not a drop... I couldn't believe it coming from the 2015 Shakearado. 500 miles of mostly highway driving and no issues with vibration (knock in wood) so far. Definitely take the truck your looking
  17. My 2004 5.3 Silverado was doing this on a cold start up. When I first got into it in the morning to drive to work and after a 10 hour shift when I came out to start it to leave. The blue/white smoke would come out for like 5 seconds then go away. When I first noticed the smoke it was a small amount but eventually it was a huge cloud of blue/white smoke. Again only like for the first 5 seconds or so on a cold start up. I ended up replacing the PCV valve (Which was internal on the inside of the drivers side valve cover if I remember correctly) and the blue/white smoke went away on a cold start u
  18. I saw in a video somewhere that on the T1 it is plastic to create a thermal break. So when you go to release the latch it not hot on your hand if the motor has been running for awhile but... Probably to save $$$ lol
  19. Pickup Truck talk did a video on YouTube called "2019 Chevrolet Silverado dynamic fule management demonstration" Hopefully this helps
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