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  1. It was a direct replacement so no issues. Very easy to just pop it out and replace them.
  2. Thanks but that doesn’t really worry me, I just sold my 19’ LT TB and never had a single issue with it through its weekly wash, plus very few rainy days where I live. I need that window for work.
  3. I just got delivery of a new at4 but it doesn't have sunroof or rear sliding window. I am going to change the overhead console to one with the switch for the rear window as its the only way to add a garage remote and from another topic on this forum it appears to be plug and play for the remote to work. However, I recently took down the console and noticed a large plug with cable in it unused on top of the console, as you can see in the pictures, and I was wondering if you guys know what this is for? I hope I can buy the sliding rear window and simply plug and play at both ends. Has anyon
  4. I just got delivery of a new at4 without sunroof and rear sliding window. I took off the upper console like you did and I'm sure you noticed there was a large unused plug there. I want to replace that to add the new console with the control for the rear window but y ou dont think that big plug could be the harness for the rear window?
  5. Thanks everyone, yeah I just ordered the whole axle, I think its gonna be much easier and since I had already ordered the boot I’m just gonna do as you said and keep it as an extra one. I’ll let you guys know how the install went.
  6. yeah that's the number I have, although on the diagram it is shown as separate parts but I assume they arrive assembled and ready to install right? I ordered the boot by itself, I'm gonna try and see if I can just install that and if not just buy the whole axle. Any idea if you can take the bottom joint off so the old boot can slide off and the new one on?
  7. What’s the offset on these wheels? Any issues with rubbing?
  8. I messed up the bottom boot when replacing the coilover on my 19 trail boss so not sure if its possible to just replace the boot or just order the whole axle. The dealership obviously wants to change the whole axle. Do you by chance have a part number of the axle? I want to make sure its the one I’m looking at and Even though the diagram on gm parts website shows everything separate, I assume its assembled and sealed and ready to instal right? Also do you think its possible to just change the bottom boot? When you disconnect the hub is there a way to take the joint off so the slim side of the
  9. I havent found anything to replace them, but was thinking of adding custom angled mounts from rigid. Considering how my lt trail boss didnt come with power fold, I think it should have enough space. What do you think of this mod?
  10. Ive had my 2019 trail boss for over a year and had that annoying squeak and it only happened when it was really hot weather. I took it for its first service in fall of last year and of course we couldn't hear the noise. What I did was buy some spray lithium grease and put it in all the door strikers and that seems to have fixed it, I didn't notice the noise this summer.
  11. Hey guys, so I changed the rear emblems and added the big logo in black, I also changed all the lugnuts for black, these subtle changes make a world of difference. Next are the z71 fender badges and front bow tie. I was leaning to black with red accents on both as I’m planning on painting the exhaust tips red to match the front hooks. Do you guys think its too much red and I should just go all black?
  12. No I don't have any option for the fisheye, I wish I did though. It probably is a malfunction. The next step is when it happens again to run to the back and have my son take a picture to see if it is the same camera or a different one.
  13. Hey guys I had a weird thing happen and I want to know if it has hallened to anyone else. I’ve had my 2019 LT trail boss for less than 6 months and this is the second time it happens and I was able to take a picture of it. Last nigh when I opened the truck with the remote and got in I noticed the screen was on and there was a fisheye view on it. After I turned it on it went off and when I put it in reverse the regular camera turned on. I thought it could be the same camera just a different setting but from the picture you can see the fisheye is left of the regular camera and the angle is diffe
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