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  1. My dad doesn’t want me to mess with his brand new truck. Do you think if I switch them I’ll have to do any programing at the dealership? I suspect the wiring only supplies power but not 100% sure.
  2. i have a 19 LT Trail Boss and my dad just got a 19 Sierra SLT with the Multipro. It looks like plug and play. just went under both trucks, I've been looking for used tailgates but haven't found any online yet. I'm willing to risk it, I think they only need power so they should work. Hopefully I can find one in the same color as my TB
  3. HI new to the forum, I just got delivery of a new LT Trail Boss and want the higher trim charger, were you able to install it and if so can you please list all the parts you used and if possible pics and instructions?
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