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  1. Thank you for the additional instructions. I still hope to do this, but my truck does not have a VSP already, so wondering how much additional work that might be (as I am assuming some of the items already routed back behind the seat probably go straight to the radio in my truck).
  2. Where did you guys find the seats? Seems that I cannot find anyone local dismantling a truck to try and grab the needed parts.
  3. And WAMS seems to have cracked wireless CarPlay on the 2020’s and hoping it will work on the 2019’s... I dont know that this would add video though...
  4. Definitely let me know what you find. I believe I am optioned the same as you (no bed view camera).
  5. This can be added, but most likely you will need to update the VSP (video signal processor). Someone on here has already done it. I will see if I can find the link/post.
  6. Sorry, I saw that and thought someone else posted it. Lol
  7. Now you are making me feel lazy... mine have been in a box for almost 3 months waiting for me to install. ? Looks great!
  8. So you need a right window regulator... Does this add auto-up to the passenger window like the driverside? Also, you mention needing a set of power seats, if my RST already has power seats (10-way non-memory drivers), would I still need a passenger power seat?
  9. I so want to do this for the memory seats... Sucks to get your seat adjusted perfectly, and then the wife drives it and you have to start all over. Lol
  10. Thanks for the update. I think most realize this wont work “out of the box”, but hoping Chris/WAMS can make this work. Where did you find/source the parts? Is the memory module attached to the actual seat?
  11. Definitely keep us updated. Memory seats/mirrors is basically the only option I wish my truck came with that it doesnt have (think the 360 would be “cool”, but really dont care about that as much as memory, especially if it could be tied to “his and hers” key fobs...)
  12. Transient, I mentioned the online sale and my local dealership and asked if they could match the 20% off and get credit for the sale. They said they best they could do was 10% off, but if I ordered online they still get credit for the sale and suggested I go that route. My parts were ordered around 11am and got a call that they were at the dealership at 3pm the NEXT DAY.
  13. My experience was the same as Phil’s. There was a “current offers” link above the promo code box.
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