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  1. I’m not sure if that’s a typo or if I’m just dumb. So could you please explain for me?
  2. I can hear the power to the door locks when I press the button inside the truck. And when I use the key fob, the truck beeps and headlight glow. They just don’t lock. It just doesn’t make sense to me but I will definitely check the harness in the door jamb. As for the cig lighter and aux port, I figured they were separate because it would be to much power for both to be on the same line, but for both to be not working is weird. But I am gonna tear it down and see what I see. I’m hoping the ground got loose or something. Wishful thinking I guess. Lol but thank you. What about OBD port? Any ideas
  3. I just bought my 2007 GMC Sierra SLE and I’m slowly finding all of my problems with it but her right now I have a huge issue that I need to resolve within the next week to get it inspected. I have a check engine light on and I need to check the codes but I can’t because there is no power to my OBDII port. I also do not have power to either auxiliary port (12v/cigarette lighter) nor do my power locks work with my key fob or with the button in the truck. The back windows won’t roll down either but I’m not sure that’s affiliated with the other problems or not as I am not very electrical savvy. I checked all of the fuses and I can’t seem to find any that are blown, after I am done at work today I am going to try and use a test light to make sure I have power to the fuses but I am pretty sure I do. So that being said, has anyone else have this problem or know what the issue could be? Edit: My parking assist light is on and it doesn’t beep at me when in reverse or anything. Don’t know if that is in any way related or not but just in case. Lol
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