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  1. hi all just got a call that my trucks new differential is in so they will start work on her tuesday how long does it take any guesses was just wondering this will be 4 times for same noise i think its gonna be a lemon??
  2. i have asked for all paper work and was told that i did not need it as i had signed for the work on the very first complaint so either i need to take my advisor to task or go a little higher up in command just because i am a old women i feel like he thinks i dont know much but being raised on a ranch and doing some of my own repairs ifeel like i know a thing or too thanks to you all
  3. hi all picked my truck today without the fix because of strike they dont know when a differential will come in i also was told by advisor that my front and rear suspension has all been rebuilt what exactly all that means is my guess?? he said they will beout of options if the differential does not work so i asked if it would then be called a lemon but that was where he stopped his comment was he did not know about lemon laws anyway thats the latest that i have will try and get some pics before they mess with her again will keep you all posted and thanks so much for all the info
  4. good evening all well they have decided to replace my differential also as of today dont know when they will get one so in mean time i am going to get my truck and drive her til they have one i will also take pics for comparrison
  5. was wondering if you all have been told that your build sheet is proprietary asked fornmine ntoday from my service advisor and that was the response i got//???
  6. heres a good one was contacted by service advisor today wants truck tommorrow so they can diagnose problem what a crock they have tr 3 times no luck whats next??
  7. kozzy had this repair done but no remedy still have noise within hours of picking my truck up best of luck to you
  8. old dale they put those parts in mine did not help still was noisey after receiving itfrom garage so now they are going to try something different but i havent been told exactly what
  9. saw my advisor today what a joke anyway he said that the service manager is waiting for him to have a loaner for me while they work on truck so i asked my advispor what are they going to do for the fix he has no idea but said they were going to look for another truck like mine and compare codes to see if there is a difference between the two does not make sense to me
  10. my noise did not wait miles to reappear it was only a matter of hours maybe they didnt do the repair the first time but my paperwork says they did
  11. hi guys and gals well my truck went back today so the service manager could drive it once again could not believe that it wasnt fixed when they gave it the stub shaft and seals , rings so he heard it again and said that he would talk to gm and see what they wanted him to do this guy commutes about 50 miles 1 way to work and he said there is no way he would be able to stand that noise so he promises me he will get to the bottom of it might take him a day or 2 to get back to me
  12. my service advisor saidthereis nothing wrong with my truck mechinanically so why did they replace some parts??? stub shaft seal ring and other misc stuff all i have ever wanted was to be part of the silverado gang and wouldnt you know i would have a problem as well as you all hoping to hear so///mething today ifits just a noise why replace parts sorry for my errors
  13. hey thank you all for the imput i have a 2019 ltz crew cab with the 5-3 engine if it wasnt for these forums i would not know what i should be doing or not doing anyway i also have the jingle jingle truckhas been in shop 3 times no success they have done all the mentioned repairs you all have putforth to no avail so whats next???
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