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  1. last nite coming home maybe 1 hour drive pearlie mae started jingle jangle song and it wasoldutside so maybe my problem is a little different but it still sounds to me like my roulette wheel when they drop the ball my passenger was even hearing it will iake truck back to dealer monday for further investigation
  2. mine is awaiting a reply from g.m. on a buyback really like the truck but without my noise would be better how had is arbitration to do good or bad need help to decide after they put a new ecm in which took 2 weeks truck is doing some new things and has forfot the old it now runs at stop lights no shutoff since i got it back the new thing is nmy interior lights now work whatever thanks
  3. wow that seems abit extreme but happy that they are going to try another repair for you
  4. guys i know this is off topic but with you all being so knowledgable could you give me some direction as to a buy back is that the way to go first i have already requested that and my service manager is behind me 100% so what would you all do thank you very much for any help
  5. congrats i should be so lucky they are holding my truck hostage seems that they are having trouble finding my jingle and also waiting for them to get an ecm replacement been two weeks already maybe ita a good deal tho cause i just about have my 30 days to go lemon plus they have tried to fix or find my noise with 5 repair times what a waste
  6. happy thanksgiving to all the jingle jingles out there my truck is still in shop waiting for a ecm module its been a week they still cant hear my jingle talked to service manager today saidhe was trying to get an engineer out to listen what the heck good is that going to do if he the service manager cant hear it i dont know i feel like i am getting royal run around just cause i am women what happens in case of a buy back???? thanks to all of you i have a better understanding of big business G.M.
  7. took my truck back again same noise as before but the service manager barely hears it he now calls it a flutter also my check engine light came on so they are looking at that also the jingles just keep on a coming best of luck to you all with same or similar problems
  8. my fun and games is just about to begin sorry that they arent more co-operative they thought thet=y had mine fixed but it reared its ugly head tonite and two other people heard it also well see what happens when i call in a.m.
  9. congrats hope all is well my truck has beenin shop 5 times for jingle jingle previous times the service manager was able to hear it but this last time they heard nothing but i can still hear it so what to do i guess i will try your route see what happens what kind of truck you go with now????
  10. gonna take pearlymae out tommorrow for an all day drive around to listen for my jingle after a new diferential was put in
  11. hi all just got a call that my trucks new differential is in so they will start work on her tuesday how long does it take any guesses was just wondering this will be 4 times for same noise i think its gonna be a lemon??
  12. i have asked for all paper work and was told that i did not need it as i had signed for the work on the very first complaint so either i need to take my advisor to task or go a little higher up in command just because i am a old women i feel like he thinks i dont know much but being raised on a ranch and doing some of my own repairs ifeel like i know a thing or too thanks to you all
  13. hi all picked my truck today without the fix because of strike they dont know when a differential will come in i also was told by advisor that my front and rear suspension has all been rebuilt what exactly all that means is my guess?? he said they will beout of options if the differential does not work so i asked if it would then be called a lemon but that was where he stopped his comment was he did not know about lemon laws anyway thats the latest that i have will try and get some pics before they mess with her again will keep you all posted and thanks so much for all the info
  14. good evening all well they have decided to replace my differential also as of today dont know when they will get one so in mean time i am going to get my truck and drive her til they have one i will also take pics for comparrison
  15. was wondering if you all have been told that your build sheet is proprietary asked fornmine ntoday from my service advisor and that was the response i got//???
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