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  1. Thanks guys for your input. I messaged Frontier yesterday and I'm hoping for a response. So far the only other company that I found that makes an extension kit is Westin but it only fits the 2014 - early 2019 silverado's. They call it a Parking Sensor Relocation Kit #40-0005S $79.99 for those who might be interested. I would think that the sensor connectors would be the same as the new style truck but I can't find any info.
  2. The bull bar is a TYGER textured black and I tried to find the light bar but I couldn't. It's 20" 9D spot light, not a flood light. Both were purchased on Ebay. I recently had my truck in for an oil change at my local dealership and was telling the service manager that I was looking to put the sensors in the bull bar. He said that they had recently done it but he wasn't sure where they got it from. I know GM doesn't list it. I might have to hit him up again and see where they ordered it from.
  3. I have a 2019 RST Silverado 1500 and since I installed my bull bar, my park assist alarms all the time. I've tried adjusting the angle and height of the bull bar but had no success. I can turn turn the alarm off but I'd prefer to have it work properly. I've looked everywhere for a piggyback or extension wire harness so I can move the sensors into the bull bar. If anyone has a fix or knows where I can find the wire extension I'd appreciate it. AND if there's already a post on this or I put this in the wrong location, please be easy on me. I tried to find information on this issue but without any luck.
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