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  1. The letters in "CHEVROLET" look terribly uneven on both installs displayed.
  2. Sport I believe. It's a little nerve racking to drill through a $50k truck but all in all it was quite simple.
  3. Installed AMP bed extender. I also have the craftsman toolbox from Lowes. Just peeled the crafstman logo off and stuck it inside. Probably gonna switch out for a BetterBuilt or UWS slim. The craftsman is advertised as slim but it's kinda in between a slim top and regular. It also hit the back of my cab when I had the box pushed all the way to the front of the bed. So it sits about an inch away from the front wall.
  4. Installed a Gentex framless dimming mirror. Spliced in to the glued harness (Violet/White wire) using the provided universal harness. Works as it should. There's homelink versions available for some extra $$.
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