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  1. If this is an SLE as titled...then the small end of the shims should be pointing towards the rear. Large end pointing toward front. It angles the rear diff/axle slightly to achieve the correct pinion angle. There were no blocks installed from factory on your model. Your dealership must be confusing it with the previous generation Sierra which had factory 1" blocks. What is the problems that you are experiencing?
  2. So the previous gen Silverados and Sierras with bench seating had these pockets on the under portion of the dash. Whether for storage or an ash tray: Our current gen has this blank piece of soft plastic. I thought, man, they could have really put some storage there. But if you remove it, you'll find there really isn't any room for storage behind it: So, picked up this. Its a mesh pocket from a Honda S2000. Its mounted on the passenger side of the transmission tunnel: A little modification to the pocket's mounting clips and 4 small holes drilled in to the panel and viola: I mounted them using short machine screws and bolts. They sit nicely behind the panel's mounting clips so they clear the stuff behind it when reinstalling: And here it is installed: And here it is with a few things put inside it: Very easy, simple, and inexpensive mod for anyone wanting a little something extra in that region. For me its the perfect place to stick my phone when its hooked up for Android Auto since I dont like my phone sitting in the top dash tray cooking in the Florida sun. I also frequently use the jump seat (family of 6) so I dont always have the arm rest area to use.
  3. The letters in "CHEVROLET" look terribly uneven on both installs displayed.
  4. Sport I believe. It's a little nerve racking to drill through a $50k truck but all in all it was quite simple.
  5. Installed AMP bed extender. I also have the craftsman toolbox from Lowes. Just peeled the crafstman logo off and stuck it inside. Probably gonna switch out for a BetterBuilt or UWS slim. The craftsman is advertised as slim but it's kinda in between a slim top and regular. It also hit the back of my cab when I had the box pushed all the way to the front of the bed. So it sits about an inch away from the front wall.
  6. Installed a Gentex framless dimming mirror. Spliced in to the glued harness (Violet/White wire) using the provided universal harness. Works as it should. There's homelink versions available for some extra $$.
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